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Fiberglass Insulation

Upgrading your attic insulation with fiberglass can improve your homes efficiency by 20%.

Why install insulation in an attic? Insulation traps the heat inside, increasing comfort and efficiency. And, one of the most cost-effective ways to insulate your attic space is to install blown-in, expanding fiberglass products.  A significant amount of heat is lost through the roof, which makes the attic an important area to insulate. Attic insulation provides a necessary barrier between extreme outdoor temperatures and your home. Blown-in fiberglass is also perfect for hard-to-reach areas within attics, like corners, edges and around framing. Batts can also be used to efficiently insulate vertical walls.

The Process

The first step to determine if you are properly insulated is measuring the depth of your current insulation. According to building codes in our state of Colorado, a minimum of 17” of insulation is required to provide the proper thermal protection for your home.

We will be happy to come to your location to measure and provide you with an estimate. At that time, we will also evaluate your project for proper air flow.

Start to finish, we protect you and your property. Step-by-step, we will cover how the process will work beginning to end. We want to make sure that there is no confusion to how the process will take place and when re-entry to the space is allowed. Then, we will walk through all potential safety issues with the you prior to installation. Our company uses Johns Manville Formaldehyde-free™ fiberglass insulation and/or Owens Corning premium blown-in fiberglass insulation. Of course at the end of every project we take our time to make sure that the area is clean to the point you wouldn't even know that we were there, except for your newly insulated space.

Why You Need to Remove Your Old Insulation

Did you know that your old insulation could be making you sick? In addition to reduced comfort efficiency, older insulation is one of the leading causes of poor indoor quality. It can be a health risk to those with respiratory issues.

Older insulation has the possibility to be contaminated with mildew, black mold, or even rodent excrement. We offer insulation removal where we carefully bag and remove any old batts and/or vacuum out the loose insulation without releasing any of those toxins into your home.

By removing the old insulation first, we are able to properly air seal your attic before installing any new insulation. We use canned foam to seal all your top plates on interior and exterior walls, can lights, electrical penetrations, exhaust fans, and any other necessary gaps.

Popular Questions

Yes we do! We have a professional insulation removal machine to do so. We run a hose from your attic to our trailer outside so that there is no dust or mess inside your home.

We follow the most recent building code guidelines for your region to determine the thickness and R value for your project. We use these guidelines to recommend the best solution to fit your budget.

We will make our recommendation based on your need but will talk about the benefits of each one to allow you to make the most informed decision.