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Residential Spray Foam Insulation in Thornton, CO

Trusted Spray Foam Insulation Services for Thornton, CO Homes

Welcome to Advanced Insulation Solutions, your top provider of spray foam insulation services for residential homes in Thornton, CO and surrounding areas. With over 10 years of expertise insulating local properties, we understand the unique climate challenges Northern Colorado homeowners face and how to properly insulation your home to overcome them.

Why Choose Advanced Insulation Solutions?

Advanced Insulation Solutions stands out from typical insulation contractors thanks to our:

When you select us as your Thornton insulation company, you can feel confident knowing we have the knowledge, skill, and commitment to properly insulate your residential structure.

Why Spray Foam Insulation?

While fiberglass batts and loose-fill insulation have been popular for decades thanks to low upfront costs, as the most effective insulation solution available today for Colorado residential properties, spray polyurethane foam is increasingly becoming the new gold standard.

Compared to traditional insulation, spray foam delivers higher, more consistent insulating performance in these key ways:

Foam insulation outperforms old-fashioned fibers in nearly aspect. Combined with our experienced installation crews, spray foam is your best option for keeping comfortable, controlling energy costs, and getting your money’s worth from your Thornton home insulation project.

Open-Cell Spray Foam vs Closed-Cell Foam Insulation

We utilize and can install both open-cell and closed-cell spray foam formulas to best suit the needs and budget of your insulation project:
Our insulation technicians will assess your property and insulation goals to advise which type of foam – open-cell or closed-cell – is right for specific spaces in your Thornton home. Blends and hybrid foams are also options where it make senses.

Residential Open-Cell Foam Insulation Services

For homeowners seeking an affordable insulation solution to better regulate temperatures and reduce energy costs, open-cell spray foam can be an excellent choice for existing finished interior walls, attics, crawlspaces, ducts and other building cavities.

How Open-Cell Foam Insulates Your Home

Unlike solid insulation boards or loose-fill products like fiberglass or cellulose, open-cell spray foam insulation begins as a quick-drying liquid that our technicians spray directly into cavities and spaces. As it sets, the foaming reaction creates millions of tiny cells filled with trapped, insulating air.

Though not as dense or rigid as closed-cell foam, open cell formulas have an R-value of ~R3.7 per inch applied. So even a three inch application achieves superior insulation than equivalently thick traditional insulations.

Open-cell foam also adheres tightly to adjacent surfaces, helping minimize costly building air leaks. This air sealing ability combined with meaningful R-values makes open-cell spray foam a great choice for attic floors and finished interior walls. It can also work well for crawl spaces, duct insulation and exterior sheathing behind siding. Call today at (720) 990-1332 to discuss using open-cell foam in your Thornton home.

Application Process for Open-Cell Foam

When installing open-cell spray foam, our team takes meticulous care at every step:

Proper open-cell foam application relies on an experienced, precision focus. You can trust our crews get each step right.

Residential Closed-Cell Foam Insulation Services

Offering higher R-values per inch and unmatched air sealing abilities, closed-cell spray foam is the ultimate solution for insulating exterior walls, attics, finished basements and other areas in Northern Colorado homes.

How Closed-Cell Foam Insulates

The closed-cell structure gives this spray foam insulation formula superior thermal performance along with unique strengths:

For these reasons, closed-cell spray foam is most commonly used for exterior house walls, attics, finished basements, foundations, crawlspaces and other areas where insulation performance is critical.

Advantages of Using Closed-Cell Spray Foam

Compared to fiberglass rolls or loose-fill, advantages of using closed-cell foam include:

Simply put, closed-cell spray foam outperforms classic insulation materials. Call Advanced Insulation Solutions at (720) 990-1332 to learn more about using closed-cell foam in your Thornton property.

Application Process for Closed-Cell Foam

Similar to open-cell, installing closed-cell foam is a precise, multi-step process:
Because closed-cell foam will be semi-exposed in some areas, smooth precision application is vital – an area our crews excel at.

Hybrid Spray Foam Solutions

Some insulation projects call for using both open and closed-cell foam or “hybrid” solutions.

Typical scenarios where combining foam types works very well include:

Utilizing both insulation formulas gives you the ideal properties of each foam where needed most. The crews at Advanced Insulation Solutions have years of experience designing and installing high-performance hybrid spray foam configurations.

Polyurethane Spray Foam and Fire Safety

All spray foam insulation formulas – including both open-cell and closed-cell varieties – utilize polyurethane chemistry. So questions sometimes come up about polyurethane foam and fire safety.

The good news is spray polyurethane foam has an excellent fire safety record in residential buildings. Building codes regulate foam fire performance, and reputable foam manufacturers like BASF and Dow Chemical formulate all products to meet or surpass these stringent safety certification standards.

As professional spray foam contractors, at Advanced Insulation Solutions we only install high-quality, fire-tested SPF options, correctly following all manufacturer specifications and guidance. With proper application, building occupants can rest easy knowing spray foam insulation is an incredibly safe enhancement to homes and structures.

Preparing for Your Spray Foam Insulation Project

What to Expect

For most spray foam insulation jobs, you can expect:

Our crews take great care to protect your home, minimize invasiveness, and leave no trace when done.

How to Prepare for Foam Installation

To prep for your spray foam project:
We require homeowners or a representative to be present during all spray foam installations for any final decisions or coordination.

Why Choose Advanced Insulation Solutions?

When it comes to properly insulating your most valuable asset – your home – having a knowledgeable, experienced contractor you can trust is key.

For over 10 years, Advanced Insulation Solutions has provided Northern Colorado homeowners superior installation and unmatched expertise applying spray foam insulation. We are fully committed to smart, precisely installed foam enhancing your comfort, quality of life and home value.

Here’s why customers consistently choose us as their insulation company:

Our Focus is Foam:

We Sweat the Small Stuff:

We Educate Our Customers:

We Stand Behind Our Work:

For supreme comfort, lower utility bills, added strength and top ROI from your insulation project, call the foam experts at Advanced Insulation Solutions at (720) 990-1332 or contact us online to request your free quote.