Garage Wall Insulation in Denver, CO

With over 10 years of insulation expertise, Advanced Insulation Solutions specializes in installing premier garage wall insulation upgrades for homeowners throughout Denver, CO and surrounding areas. Properly insulating your garage walls is crucial for enhanced temperature control, lower energy bills, reduced exterior noise and improved moisture resistance year-round.

As a top-rated local insulation contractor familiar with Colorado’s climate demands, we tailor wall insulation upgrades using only high-performance materials that make your garage space far more comfortable and efficient. Call (720) 990-1332 today to schedule your FREE estimate!

Why Insulate Your Garage Walls?

Garage walls represent major heat loss/gain sources from being constantly exposed to outdoor temperatures. Typical wall builds also lack ample insulation right from initial construction. Upgrading insulation brings valuable benefits:

1. Protection from Temperature Extremes

Denver’s extreme seasonal weather transmits through walls into the garage interior if under insulated. Added insulation R-value greatly buffers heat/cold swings for more consistent interior temps.

2. Slash Heating & Cooling Costs

Properly insulated walls control waste conductive/air leakage heat transfer to outdoors. This can reduce Denver garage HVAC bills by 20-30% monthly, saving you serious money.

3. Sound Dampening

Noisy garages make DIY work and storage unpleasant. Insulated walls significantly dampen outside noise transmissions from traffic, wind, snow, rain and more for a quieter interior.

4. Control Moisture & Condensation

Our technicians can inspect your garage walls and illustrate how upgraded insulation directly enhances comfort, saves substantially on utilities, and makes your garage much nicer to use all year long.

Common Garage Wall Structures We Insulate

Typical Denver garage wall structures we often insulate include:

Wood Frame Walls

The most common build consists of stick-framed 2×4 or 2×6 stud walls with plywood/OSB structural sheathing on the exterior beneath siding. Blown-in densepacked cellulose into the empty cavities offers superb efficiency.

CMU Concrete Block Walls

Poured solid concrete block walls have hollow cores ripe for injected insulation. Rigid foam boards also work installed over blocks then covered with drywall.

Brick & Stone Decorative Veneer Facades

Decorative real veneer stone or brick clads a structural wall framed behind. This requires drilling to dense pack insulation inside without altering gorgeous exterior aesthetics.

Steel Stud Walls

Metal building framed walls need unconventional insulation like foam boards since steel conducts heat/cold easily. Spray foam also excels here.
Our technicians determine the optimal wall insulation methods tailored to your garage’s specific as-built wall structures during an on-site analysis.

Best Practices for Garage Wall Insulation

Here are the key best practices Advanced Insulation Solutions follows when upgrading insulation within Denver garage walls:

Air Seal First

Drafts via cracks/gaps bypass wall insulation effects. We thoroughly caulk/foam seal every split, seam, electric box and plumbing opening first so insulation works as intended without air leakage disrupting stable interior temps.

Achieve Recommended Insulation R-Value

Typical Colorado code demands R-20 wall insulation but upgrading higher to R-30+ better protects against our seasonal extremes. We exclusively specify high-density insulation able to reach proper R-values within standard wall cavities.

Precision Installation

For reliable thermal performance long term, insulation must completely fill every gap and void without compression or settling decades later. Our certified wall insulation work fully packs the space for uniform insulation effectiveness across every inch without issues.

Care Around Wall Penetrations

We ensure insulating contact rated (IC-rated) materials properly cover any wall electrical wiring/fixtures, plumbing pipes and sprinkler penetrations without issues. Gas appliance vent lines use special self-sealing breakdown insulation.

Trust Advanced Insulation Solutions crews to expertly insulate your Denver garage walls to stringent quality standards for superior comfort and efficiency.

Garage Wall Insulation Material Options

We help Denver homeowners determine the optimal wall insulation solutions matching their unique garage construction and budget:

Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation

Pumped behind walls, shredded spun fiberglass conforms around framing offering acoustic dampening. Drawbacks are subpar insulation value and potential settling issues over time.


Dense Packed Cellulose Insulation

Blown-in shredded recycled paper fills every gap and crack firmly without sagging for excellent thermal efficiency. The green insulation option excels for standard framed walls.


Spray Foam Insulation

Foam expands 30 times to insulate and air seal unlike anything else. Closed cell SPF also offers vapor barrier capacity against moisture intrusion.


Learn more about our specific insulation product lines. Unsure what insulation works best for your garage? Talk to our knowledgeable Denver insulation contractors about the optimal solutions for your walls. Call (720) 990-1332 for professional recommendations!

Turnkey Garage Wall Insulation Service

When you’re ready to insulate your garage walls, Advanced Insulation Solutions offers complete A-to-Z service:

Seamless Project Management

Our locally owned and operated insulation company handles your entire wall insulation project from initial quote to final inspection. After an on-site analysis, we order top-grade materials specifically suited for the job and schedule certified installation teams at your convenience while also securing any permits required by the city. We stand behind our work 100% and also offer thorough insulation material & labor warranties for peace of mind!

Installation By Skilled Experts Only

Our highly experienced technicians are true experts at proper insulation application for reliable thermal performance over decades without issues. Wall insulation gets installed to uniform depths across every cavity lacking any gaps or voids. Workmanship makes a major difference in efficiency.

Leading Equipment & Methods

We utilize industry-leading densepack insulation machines so each material gets pumped precisely where it needs to go within your garage wall structures for proper filling density and noise reduction inside the walls. Our equipment and methods optimize permanent thermal performance.

Rigorous Quality Control Assessment

No one wants insulation work done poorly or incorrectly the first time. Our project managers closely inspect all wall insulation application at multiple stages of the process to enforce rigorous quality control standards, eliminating any insulation deficiencies pre and post install.

Thermal Imaging Validation

We also take high-resolution thermal imaging scans showing how evenly insulation occupies all wall stud bays without air gaps or compression issues that undermine thermal capacity. This confirms insulation materials meet manufacturer specifications.

For a FREE estimate to insulate your Denver garage walls, call (720) 990-1332 or connect with us online. We also serve surrounding communities! Let our insulation expertise enhance your garage comfort at fair pricing – check out our glowing 5-star customer reviews!


Frequently Asked Garage Wall Insulation Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive about insulating Denver garage walls:
Project costs typically range from $3,500 to $8,000+ based on your total garage wall square footage, insulation choice, any prep or structural wall repairs needed, accessibility factors and other variables our specialists can advise on after inspecting your unique garage setup. Every home's needs differ substantially, so let us provide a tailored quote.
Our harsh winter conditions mean higher insulation ratings protect best long-term. We recommend at least R-23, but ideally R-30 or more to sufficiently buffer temperature swings, curb heat loss, and make the garage far more comfortably usable & functional year-round even during extreme low winter temps.
Rigid foam panels (cut to precisely fit between studs) can provide decent insulation but existing wall space limitations pose issues in most cases. Blown-in densepacked cellulose insulation offers outstanding efficiency more affordably while still retaining full 2x6 wall cavity depth if needed.
Yes, existing walls can get supplemental insulation added assuming reasonable wall condition and adequate depth allows. We drill a pattern of small holes and pump in densepacked cellulose over lackluster or missing original insulation with great success increasing wall thermal insulation performance.
If garage walls already have interiors finished with drywall or paneling, we typically drill a grid pattern of small holes into the drywall in each stud bay to blown-in densepacked cellulose that spreads evenly inside. Afterwards the holes get professionally spackled/painted over leving no trace of penetrations. No demolition needed!

Spray foam insulation outperforms basic batt fiberglass across the board. Fiberglass tends to sag and degrade over time while foam maintains permanent airtight contact for decades. Foam’s higher initial cost brings exponentially better insulation, huge energy savings, and reliable comfort that easily justify the extra investment. Our technicians can advise you on the best option for your garage's needs.

We serve happy homeowners with garages across Denver, Northglenn, Federal Heights and surrounding northern Denver communities. Contact us at (720) 990-1332 for prompt quotes and service from insulation experts who care about superb quality and results!