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Get Professional Attic Insulation in Denver, CO

As seasons and temperatures fluctuate in Denver, it becomes extremely apparent whether your home’s attic is properly insulated or not. Improper attic insulation leads to noticeable heat loss in the winter and unwelcomed heat permeating into living spaces come summer. This thermal discomfort prompts high heating and cooling bills too.

Luckily, installing proper attic insulation in Denver, CO alleviates these problems through creating an effective thermal envelope between your occupied rooms and the outside elements.

As a top provider of insulation services in the area for over 10 years, Advanced Insulation Solutions specializes in the installation of high-quality attic insulation for both existing retrofits and new construction builds. For Denver homeowners, our attic insulation upgrades facilitate more comfortable, energy efficient living spaces year-round.

Get Professional Attic Insulation in Denver, CO

5 Benefits of Professional Attic Insulation Services

Before reviewing the ideal types of insulation for your home and the services we provide, let’s examine some key reasons Denver homeowners turn to professional insulation companies like Advanced Insulation Solutions:

1. Utility Savings

One of the biggest motivators for investing in attic insulation remains the potential for energy and cost savings. According to the Department of Energy, insulating and air-sealing attics can lead to 20-30% reductions in overall utility bills. Properly installed insulation creates a thermal barrier between unconditioned attic spaces and the occupied rooms below. This barrier traps conditioned air and prevents heat transfer, allowing your HVAC system to work less to maintain comfortable temps.

With brutal Colorado winters and increasingly hot summers, these added energy efficiency returns add up substantially over months and years. In fact, our clients in Denver often report saving hundreds per year once properly insulating their attic spaces.

2. Improved Comfort

In addition to the cost savings, attic insulation also makes a noticeable impact on improving general comfort and temperature regulation inside the home.

On hot summer days, exterior heat easily radiates through the roof and permeates downward without sufficient insulation. By the same token, uninsulated attics pull coveted interior warmth upward and outward during winter. The resulting inconsistent temperatures prompt occupants to continually adjust thermostats for relief.

An insulation upgrade alleviates these peak losses/gains for a more comfortable and climate controlled interior all year long in Denver.

3. Preventing Moisture Issues

During winter, improperly insulated attics often drop below freezing temperatures overnight due to excessive heat loss. This forces interior warmth and humidity upward. When this moisture-laden air contacts frozen rafters and sheathing, condensation and frost accumulates.

Over months and years, this condensation buildup causes hazardous mold, rot, and decay. But the immediate impacts also bring costly issues like peeling paint, damaged drywall, or noticeable water stains on interior ceilings below. Adequate insulation regulates attic humidity and condensation risks year-round.

4. Increased Home Value

While the preceding attic insulation benefits impact daily home life, upgraded insulation also provides financial returns when it comes time to sell your home. In Denver’s competitive housing market, prospective home buyers pay close attention to energy-efficiency features and upgrades like professional attic insulation. This increased desirability directly correlates to higher home appraisals and sale prices.

5. Preserving Structural Integrity

Beyond the preceding benefits, properly installed insulation also plays a vital role in maintaining your roof and attic’s structural integrity over decades.

For example, lacking insulation often contributes to costly ice damming accumulations during winter. It also enables year-round temperature swings that accelerate structural fatigue and wear. Preventing these common hazards through professional insulation allows Denver homeowners to extend the usable lifespan of their roof.

What Type of Insulation is Best for Denver, CO Attics?

Now that we’ve covered the many benefits, next comes selecting the right insulation type tailored for your home’s specific needs.

The Denver insulation experts at Advanced Insulation Solutions have over 10+ years experience installing all types of insulation. But most attics we service utilize one of these three common materials:

Cellulose Insulation

Fiberglass Batt/Blanket

Fiberglass Batt/Blanket

Spray Foam Insulation

The experienced technicians at Advanced Insulation Solutions determine the right insulation types and combinations tailored specifically to each unique Denver home. We examine factors like your attic layout, framing widths, existing insulation condition, ventilation needs, budget and long term-efficiency goals.

This helps determine the ideal material recommendations through our complementary estimate process.

Comparing Attic Insulation Materials in Denver, CO

To help make the right insulation decision for your home, here’s a detailed overview of how these common materials compare:

Thermal Performance

Fiberglass batts rate at approximately R-3 per inch while spray foam insulates up to R-6.5 per inch. Cellulose falls between at R-3.5 per inch. This means foam offers the highest performance rating in smaller spaces. But fiberglass and cellulose can effectively insulate attics when installed at appropriate thicknesses.

Air Sealing Properties

Spray foam’s rigid and expanding properties allow it to seal small cracks and gaps as it cures. Cellulose also provides good air sealing. But standard fiberglass alone requires additional caulking, sealing, and barriers to address attic leaks.

Cost to Install

Fiberglass consistently comes in as the most budget friendly attic insulation option. Cellulose prices minimally more for the added efficiency, while advanced spray foam carries about a 20-40% premium. However, most Denver attics combine materials like foam sealing with fiberglass/cellulose fill for an ideal balance.

Fire Safety

All three attic insulation materials comply with fire safety codes when properly installed. Spray foam requires an intumescent paint coating as an ignition barrier. Meanwhile both cellulose and fiberglass receive chemical fire retardant treatments during manufacturing.


For homeowners prioritizing green and renewable building materials, cellulose contains about 75% recycled paper content. Fiberglass also utilizes recycled glass for manufacturing. Spray foams, although highly efficient, tend to use less eco-friendly chemical compositions currently.

Mold/Mildew Resistance

Foam and fiberglass both refrain from facilitating mold or decay. However, cellulose made from paper and cardboard can enable mold growth if exposed to excess moisture over time. Ensure adequate attic ventilation to pair with cellulose.

Properly weighing these comparisons allows our technicians to select the optimal insulation plan customizable for you. Call Advanced Insulation Solutions at [phone number] to explore which materials can best improve efficiency while staying within your budget.

Full-Service Attic Insulation for Denver, CO Homes

Full-Service Attic Insulation for Denver, CO Homes

Now that we’ve covered the ideal attic insulation types for your home, let’s explore the comprehensive installation process Advanced Insulation Solutions offers Denver, CO homeowners needing upgrades:

Preparing Your Attic

The first step comes in properly preparing your attic for new insulation materials. This includes:

Preparing Your Attic
Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

To complete the insulation process, Advanced Insulation Solutions handles finishing and inspection elements:

We Specialize in Both Retrofit and New Construction

While the overview focuses on enhancing existing attics, Advanced Insulation Solutions also partners with Denver contractors to insulate new construction homes. Our decades of experience allow us tailor our practices based on the age and needs of your home:

We Specialize in Both Retrofit and New Construction
Retrofitting Insulation in Existing Denver Attics

Retrofitting Insulation in Existing Denver Attics

For enhancing old or lacking attic insulation, our process focuses on:

Insulating New Construction Attics

This early partnership ensures your new build home performs ideally from day one. We also follow up with thermal imaging scans after construction completes to validate no areas get overlooked or under insulated during the building process.

Insulating New Construction Attics

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We hope this overview provides helpful insight into attic insulation best practices and what Advanced Insulation Solutions offers Denver, CO area homeowners needing upgrades.

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