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Welcome to Advanced Insulation Solutions! As a leading spray foam insulation contractor serving from Thornton, CO we have the proven experience, specialized equipment, and spray foam expertise to properly insulate residential and commercial buildings for greater comfort, energy savings, and performance.

Having insulated thousands of attics, walls, foundations, ceilings, and more over the last 5+ years, we are trusted spray foam insulation specialists who stand behind our work. We only invest in the best Graco spray foam equipment to precisely apply insulation to each job. Safety, quality, and performance can be counted on.

Below you will find detailed information explaining spray foam insulation, the many benefits it provides, ideal applications, what sets Advanced Insulation Solutions apart, service areas covered, an overview of working with us, and much more. If you have any questions or want to request a free quote, don’t hesitate to call us or use our online form.

What is Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation has unique properties compared to traditional fiberglass batt, foam board, or blown-in insulation that allow it to insulate at high levels while also air sealing the building envelope. By stopping conditioned air loss and preventing outside air infiltration, spray foam enables better indoor climate and temperature management using less energy.

Applied using pressurized equipment, both open and closed cell spray foam expands and cures to fill cracks, seams, gaps, and spaces as a liquid that eventually hardens into a protective foam blanket custom-fit to the enclosed area. Unlike other insulation materials that can settle over time and leave gaps, spray foam has long-term stable insulating performance.
There are two main types of spray foam insulation:

Closed Cell Spray Foam

Composed of rigid, high density foam, closed cell spray foam provides structural enhancement, insulation, and moisture resistance in one application. With an R-value of roughly R-6.5 per inch, closed cell foam excels at restricting air flow while adapting to fill the smallest spaces.

Open Cell Spray Foam

Offering an R-value of approximately R-3.5 per inch, open cell spray foam also insulates and seals well at a lower density than closed cell foam. For best results, open cell foam is often paired with fiberglass batt or rigid foam insulation to improve overall R-values.

As trained spray foam professionals, Advanced Insulation Solutions will determine the appropriate type of spray foam to use on your unique project after an inspection of your home or building.

The Many Powerful Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Upgrading to spray foam insulation provides compelling benefits that address everything from energy costs to noise control, air quality to structural stability. Common advantages of properly installed spray foam include:

Energy and Cost Savings

Because spray foam stops conditioned indoor air from escaping outside while also preventing hot/cold exterior air from entering your home, it allows for superior climate and temperature management using less energy. By upgrading insulation with spray foam, many homeowners cut their heating and cooling costs by up to 50%!

Improved Moisture Control

Closed cell spray foam resists moisture absorption while serving as an effective vapor retarder that protects against condensation, humidity, and mold growth within walls and other enclosed cavities. With enhanced water and mold resistance factored in, spray foam maintains healthy indoor air quality.

Better Noise Control

By damping down vibrations and completely sealing cracks/gaps where sound can transfer, spray foam insulation provides impressive noise reduction. Indoor spaces insulated with spray foam can measure up to 80% quieter.

Added Structural Strength

When installed correctly, closed cell spray foam adds impressive structural enhancement and reinforcement as it adheres tightly to surfaces while curing. The rigid foam bonds everything together firmly.

Healthier Indoor Air

Thanks to superior air sealing that prevents dust, allergens, pollution, and other irritants from making their way inside through small openings, spray foam allows for dramatically cleaner and healthier indoor air. Those with respiratory issues greatly benefit.

Greater Comfort

Proper insulation helps maintain comfortable ambient temperatures throughout living spaces while eliminating drafts, cold spots, temperature variances between floors, and other comfort issues. Spray foam excels at minimizing energy demand spikes.

Ideal Applications for Spray Foam Insulation

A superior insulation solution providing air sealing, climate control, and design flexibility, spray foam proves ideal for:


Applying spray foam underneath roof decking to insulate and air seal attic spaces keeps indoor floors warmer through improved heat retention while also blocking moisture and pests.

Foundations and Crawlspaces

Lining foundation walls and crawling spaces with spray foam better insulates concrete while managing moisture, condensation, and humidity in what are typically damp areas.

Wall Cavities

Applying closed cell spray foam on walls insulates more completely and consistently than fiberglass batts, which often sag and settle over time resulting in air gaps.

HVAC Ductwork

Wrapping HVAC components, pipes, and plenums in spray foam minimizes inefficient air leaks that force HVAC systems to work harder pushing out conditioned air.

Roof Decking/Attics

Applying spray foam to the underside of roof decking provides a protective insulation barrier from extreme attic heat while sealing the building envelope tightly.

Pipes, Wires, Electrical Conduits

Encasing any HVAC, electric, or plumbing runs within walls using spray foam air seals and insulates them fully while allowing flexibility around their shape.
And Many Other Areas!

The versatile insulating properties and sealing ability of spray foam allow it to offer energy efficiency and building performance benefits in every area of new and existing construction.

What Sets Advanced Insulation Solutions Apart?

When you choose Advanced Insulation Solutions for your residential or commercial spray foam insulation project, you gain access to top-tier expertise and care.

Certified Spray Foam Professionals

Our talented team features installers carrying current SPFA PCP certifications who prove capable handling projects small and large. We also prioritize continuing spray foam education.

Special Equipment for Precision ​

Through regular investment in the best professional Airlessco spray machines by Graco, we apply insulation with dialed-in precision for maximum yield and performance.

Careful Planning and Preparation

No insulation detail goes overlooked! We rigorously evaluate insulation needs, required materials, hazardous risks, and accessibility challenges to determine solutions. Proper masking and surface protection also take place to safeguard your property before spray foam application work begins.

Attention to Detail When Installing

We take the time to spray foam correctly based on thickness specifications using the optimum lift layers, expansion calculations, temperature monitoring, and injection angle for seamless coverage and curing.

Concierge Clean-Up Service

While spray foam requires minimal trimming once cured, we carefully cut and finish off the foam for proper integration with siding, drywall, trim materials etc. Then we remove all equipment while thoroughly cleaning the property.

Project Performance Guarantees

Our work carries certain insured guarantees while also passing inspection by local authorities – giving you total confidence in the long-term durability and viability of the high-performing spray foam insulation.

Spray Foam Insulation Service Areas

As a full service insulation contractor, Advanced Insulation Solutions expertly installs spray foam insulation across:
And many more nearby areas! Contact us about your project even if it is located outside these cities. We likely service your location as well and will verify that during our initial quote.

What to Expect: Working With Advanced Insulation Solutions

We make the process of upgrading your insulation with spray foam smooth and simple every step of the way:

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