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New Construction Insulation Installation in Denver, CO

Trust Advanced Insulation Solutions for Your Denver, CO New Build Insulation

Welcome to Advanced Insulation Solutions, your top choice for new construction insulation installation in Denver, CO and the surrounding areas. With over 10 years of expertise helping Denver builders, contractors, and homeowners efficiently insulate new builds, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure your insulation maximizes energy efficiency and comfort.

Why Proper Insulation is Crucial for New Construction

Installing insulation may seem like an extra cost when building your new Denver home, but it should be viewed as a smart investment. Here’s why insulation matters:

Simply put, insulation should never be an afterthought when building new construction in Denver, CO. Contact Advanced Insulation Solutions at (720) 990-1332 to make sure your new home insulation is correctly handled from the start.

Full-Service Denver Insulation Company for All Stages of New Construction

As a full-service insulation contractor, Advanced Insulation Solutions oversees the insulation process throughout the entirety of your Denver new build project:

  • Pre-Construction Planning: We consult with general contractors, builders and homeowners from the very beginning stages of the construction process to determine insulation requirements and make product recommendations. Factors we assess include building plans/materials, insulation code requirements, climate zone insulation minimums, and budget.
  • On-Site Insulation Installation: Our experienced technicians expertly install insulation products to meet or exceed all ROIs and code compliance standards. We handle all types of new build insulation applications:
    • Wall Insulation Installation (cavity insulation, continuous insulation)
    • Attic Insulation Installation
    • Basement and Crawl Space Insulation
  • Inspections and Certifications: We undergo all required new construction insulation inspections and certifications to verify proper installation prior to close-in. This guarantees insulation compliance from the get-go.

Going beyond just installation, our 10+ years working with Denver new construction projects gives us immense insight into optimal insulation materials, proper installation techniques, and changing codes/requirements. Tap into our expertise so your new build insulation maximizes efficiency.

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Service Areas for Denver New Home Insulation Installation

While based in Denver, CO, over the past 10+ years Advanced Insulation Solutions has expanded our new construction insulation services to install top-quality insulation products in new builds throughout:

  • Adams County: Denver, Northglenn, Federal Heights, Westminster, Broomfield
  • Boulder County: Erie, Lafayette, Louisville, Superior
  • Denver County: Stapleton, Lowry, Montbello
  • Weld County: Greeley, Windsor, Johnstown

No matter where in the Denver metro or Northern Colorado your new home construction project is located, Advanced Insulation Solutions provides expert insulation installation services tailored specifically to your build plans, climate zone requirements, and energy-efficiency goals.

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New Construction Insulation Solutions for Denver Homes and Buildings

Insulating a new home or building in Denver goes way beyond just blowing in attic insulation. To meet strict Colorado insulation codes and compliance standards, ensure occupant comfort, and maximize energy savings potential, new construction insulation must be meticulously installed throughout the entire structure envelope.

This includes proper insulation techniques, materials and coverage recommendations for:

Attic Insulation in New Denver Homes

As hot air rises, much of a home’s conditioned air is lost through the attic. To counteract wasted energy and inconsistent temperatures, Advanced Insulation Solutions focuses on expert attic insulation installation and air sealing. Types of attic insulation we commonly install in Denver new builds include:

Per 2021 IECC standards in Climate Zone 5 Thorton, new residential attic insulation must meet R-38 minimum code (typically deeper 16”+ fiberglass batts or R-49 blown cellulose) . Commercial attic insulation new construction requirement is R-25.6 c.i. minimum.

Advanced Insulation Solutions handles attic insulation installations for all types of new builds, whether wood frame construction or steel framed. Our goal is to customize the optimal insulation mixes based on your project plans and energy-efficiency goals. We also verify proper attic ventilation, eliminate gaps, and address moisture issues.

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Wall Insulation Installation in New Home Construction

Over 35% of your home’s energy loss occurs through exterior walls. Installing proper wall insulation early in the construction process is crucial. Common types we recommend and expertly install in new Denver structures include:

  • Cavity Insulation
    • Batt Fiberglass: Available faced and unfaced, batt installation fits standard wall stud cavities with R-13 to R-21 insulation ratings.
    • Blown Fiberglass: Loose fill blown-in wall insulation achieves better cavity fill consistency than batting. Reaches up to R-23 rating.
    • Closed/Open Cell Spray Foam: Foam insulation is the premium cavity insulation, albeit the most costly. Guarantees seamless air sealing, moisture resistance, and max R-value up to R-21 fiberglass equivalency in a 2×4 wall.
  • Continuous Insulation (c.i.)
    • Rigid Foam Board: XPS or EPS foam insulation panels. Raised R-5 per inch continuous insulation layer under siding.
    • Exterior Spray Foam: 1”+ application constitutes code-compliant c.i. Also seals and insulates rim/band joists.

IECC 2021 wall insulation code minimums for Climate Zone 5 Denver:

  • Wood Frame: R-20 cavity OR R-13 cavity + R-5 c.i.
  • Steel Frame: R-13 cavity + R-10 c.i.

No matter the materials used for your new Denver construction walls, Advanced Insulation Solutions determines and installs wall insulation systems to achieve your preferred rating above-and-beyond code. We also verify proper installation of an interior air barrier system and exterior water-resistive barrier based on regional codes.

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Insulating Basements & Crawlspaces in New Home Construction

Similar to wall insulation, basements and crawlspaces also represent major areas for energy loss in new homes. Per 2021 IECC standards, Denver basement and crawlspace insulation minimum requirements for Climate Zone 5 include:

To optimize energy-efficiency and consistent temperatures preventing moisture accumulation issues, Advanced Insulation Solutions installs insulation beyond code minimums in Denver new home foundations. Favorite basement and crawlspace insulation solutions include:

For ranch style slab foundations common in Denver, Advanced Insulation Solutionssystemeticall seals all crack and utility penetrations with spray foam reducing substantial energy loss.

Let our new construction insulation experts establish the ideal insulation plan for your home’s basement and crawlspace to resist moisture, prevent mold issues, and save big on energy costs over time.

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Air Sealing for New Homes: The Crucial First Step Before Insulation

While most homeowners focus on the insulation itself, we view comprehensive air sealing as the most critical starting point of any new build insulation project.

Per the latest 2021 IECC codes, new Denver residential structures must undergo mandatory blower door testing to verify envelope tightness achieving 3 ACH rating or less.

To guarantee your new home passes critical air infiltration inspections, Advanced Insulation Solutions meticulously seals the following common problem areas allowing air leaks before installing any insulation:

Performing meticulous air sealing as the first insulation installation step results in better performing insulation overall and greatly reduced energy loss through leaks and gaps. Blower door test always show outstanding air tightness.

Let Advanced Insulation Solutions handle the air sealing expertise for your next new build in Denver. Contact us at (720) 990-1332 for superior air sealing services.

Denver Insulation Products We Offer and Install

With 10+ years of new construction insulation project experience in the Front Range area, Advanced Insulation Solutions only uses and installs top-performing insulation products proven suitable for Colorado’s fluctuating climate zones. We also routinely test and incorporate newly developed materials continually hitting the market.

Some of the specific insulation products we currently install throughout Denver new home constructions include:

Spray Foam Insulation

Fiberglass Insulation

Rigid Foam Board Insulation

We also utilize advanced building insulation materials like aerogel blankets and foil bubble wrap reaching extremely high R-Values for specialty applications.

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Professional New Construction Insulation Installation Process

While your Denver home plans likely define required insulation levels, the reality is most builders and general contractors don’t actually handle the insulation installation themselves. This critical detail is outsourced to dedicated insulation contractors like Advanced Insulation Solutions boasting the qualified manpower, equipment, and expertise to install insulation effectively throughout ongoing new builds.

When you choose us as your new construction insulation installers, here is a general overview of what to expect:


We remain flexible to schedule insulation installs efficiently around other trades’ timelines during all phases of construction. Last-minute scheduling changes pose no issues for our responsive team!

On-Site Safety protocols

Crew members undergo safety training and strictly follow OSHA standards along with any GC protocols to promote job site safety.

Surface Prep

Before installing, we properly prep all areas receiving insulation systems including air sealing gaps and penetrations.

Material Staging & Storage

Our crew brings the required insulation materials on-site, safely stored and protected from weather/damage until time of installation.

Insulation Application

Using precise techniques and specialty equipment, we expertly install specified insulation products to meet above-and-beyond thermal and code standards.


All work areas are cleaned with materials disposed of properly off-site or placed in designated construction dumpsters

We also take digital photos capturing insulation placement and depth measurements throughout to include with any required inspection reports verifying proper installation.

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New Construction Insulation Pricing, Labor Rates & Financing

We believe superior insulation should never be limited by budgets. That’s why Advanced Insulation Solutions offers affordable pricing and flexible financing plans for new build insulation installations throughout the Denver area that makes advanced insulation solutions accessible to projects big and small.

Insulation System Pricing

Due to many factors like square footage, insulation type/amounts, and labor time influencing costs, it’s impossible to list general new construction insulation pricing. However we guarantee our quoted pricing beats or matches competitor bids for similar insulation applications.

We determine specific pricing for your new build’s required insulation after assessing key cost factors:

We welcome you to get a free, no-strings-attached new construction insulation installation quote from Advanced Insulation Solutions for pricing specific to your upcoming Denver build. Call us at 720-990-1332!

Insulation Contractor Labor Rates

Our professional insulation technicians and installers hold over 10 years average industry tenure. We pay fair wages well above minimum rates as investment in quality work. For general reference,daily crew labor rates currently average:

Keep in mind multiple insulation contractor crews often tackle sections of larger new builds simultaneously to turn projects fast for builders.

Get in touch at (720) 990-1332 for exact labor quotes tailored to your specific project scope, schedule, and home build blueprints!

Insulation Financing & Rebates

Between 10-15% material cost savings, Advanced Insulation Solutions passes on insulation manufacturer rebates directly to clients. We also guide Denver homeowners through applying for significant utility rebates benefiting new efficient construction up to thousands saved!

For commercial projects or residential new builds on a budget, our insulation financing plans offer fixed monthly payment plans up to 5 years length, 0% short-term financing deals, and competitive loan rates. We simplify the application process to make superior insulation affordable NOW when it matters most rather than cut corners.

Let Advanced Insulation Solutions make innovative insulation solutions feasible through reimbursed material costs and insulation installment plans/loans tailored around future energy savings. Call (720) 990-1332 to explore all money-saving options!

Work With Denver’s Most Trusted Insulation Experts

Choosing the right insulation contractor for your project means vetting experience along with competitive pricing. As Denver’s specialist insulation experts on new builds for 10+ Years Running, Advanced Insulation Solutions checks every box to ensure insulation success: