Foil Attic Insulation in Denver by Advanced Insulation Solutions

Are you looking to improve energy efficiency and comfort in your Denver, CO home? Installing radiant barrier foil insulation in your attic is one of the most effective ways to reduce heat transfer and lower energy bills. Advanced Insulation Solutions has over 10 years of expertise helping homeowners across the greater Denver metro area address insulation needs. We specialize in foil attic insulation installation and related services.

Foil Attic Insulation in Denver by Advanced Insulation Solutions

Why Choose Foil Insulation for Your Denver Attic?

Foil attic insulation, also known as radiant barrier insulation, is designed to block radiant heat transfer between your roof and attic space. It works by using a thin, reflective material, usually aluminum foil, that does not emit radiant energy itself and reflects radiant heat rather than absorbing it.

There are three primary benefits of installing foil insulation in your Denver attic:

1. Reduced Heat Transfer and Improved Energy Efficiency

During hot summer days, heat radiates from your roof down into the attic. This heats up the air in the attic, which in turn warms the entire interior of your home, increasing cooling costs from running your AC more.

Foil insulation creates a radiant heat barrier, preventing 97% of this radiant heat from transmitting into your attic and living spaces below. This keeps attics up to 30oF cooler and reduces heat gain throughout your home, lowering AC costs.

Similarly in winter, foil insulation reduces heat loss by reflecting interior warmth back down rather than letting it escape through the attic. This improves your home’s overall energy efficiency year-round.

2. Lower Energy Bills and Improved Comfort

By blocking radiant heat transfer, foil insulation can reduce summer cooling bills by up to 17% and winter heating bills by up to 10% through improved energy efficiency.

You’ll also enjoy improved comfort through:

With our expansive Colorado summers and cold winters, foil insulation offers valuable energy savings and comfort for Denver homes.

3. Cost-Effective Solution for Energy Savings

Installing foil insulation offers a great return on investment through energy savings. In fact, most homeowners see a full ROI in just a few years.

And when adding insulation as part of new construction or renovation, upgrading to foil is very affordable. The reflective foil material is inexpensive and our experienced crews can install it quickly.

Foil insulation offers homeowners substantial energy savings over time for a very reasonable upfront investment.

If you’re looking make your Denver home more comfortable while reducing energy usage and costs, foil attic insulation is a smart, cost-effective solution.

How We Install Foil Attic Insulation in Denver, CO

Advanced Insulation Solutions is a leading installer of radiant barrier foil insulation across the Front Range. Our expert team handles the entire insulation project—from assessing your attic and insulation needs to professional installation and cleanup.

We customize each insulation job based on the unique requirements of your Denver home. But in general, our foil insulation process includes:

Initial Home Assessment

Installation Plan

Professional Foil Installation

Professional Foil Installation

Post-Installation Follow Up

We handle all details from start to finish, with planning optimized for your home’s needs not what’s fastest or easiest for our crews. Our attic insulation services come with a satisfaction guarantee—if you’re not happy, we’ll make it right.

Advanced Insulation Solutions Provides 5-Star Service Across the Denver Metro Area

With over a decade of local experience, Advanced Insulation Solutions has installed foil insulation in over 1,500 Front Range attics. Homeowners trust our exceptional services and rave about the results. Just read our reviews from satisfied insulation customers!

We take great pride in always providing 5-star customer service including:

Locally Owned Company You Can Trust

Highly-Trained and Experienced Teams

Our insulation installation pros have years of training and hands-on experience. You can trust that the work will be done right the first time.

Dedicated Project Managers

A project manager will be personally assigned to your job from first inspection to final walkthrough. They oversee the quality control process every step and serve as your single point-of-contact.

Upfront Pricing with No Hidden Fees

You’ll know exactly what to expect with a detailed quote for full services before we start and transparent pricing without surprises down the road.

Eco-Friendly Formaldehyde-Free Foam

We only source sustainable, non-toxic insulation materials to protect your indoor air quality during and after installation.

Attention to Home Protection and Cleanup

Our crews take extra care to protect your space with floor and furniture coverings while ensuring thorough site cleaning upon job completion.

Request a Free Quote for Foil Attic Insulation in Denver

Ready to get started upgrading your attic insulation? Advanced Insulation Solutions offers complimentary assessments and quotes for Denver-area homeowners.

Our experienced team will come out and inspect your attic, measure exactly how much new insulation is needed, and provide a no-obligation estimate that same visit.

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