Commercial Fire Resistant Coatings

Commercial Fire Resistant Coatings in Denver, CO

The Top Fireproofing Expert Serving Northern Colorado Businesses

For over a decade, Advanced Insulation Solutions has been the most trusted name in passive fire containment coatings for commercial assets of all types across Northern Colorado. As Denver’s established local expert since 2012, we create fully customized fire barriers balancing durability, aesthetics and cost-effectiveness using specialized intumescent paints and finishes.

Why Advanced Insulation Solutions is the Right Choice

We have successfully coated countless new builds and existing properties to the highest standards. Owners and facility managers praise our niche qualifications:

Industry Leading Technical Expertise

Our immense expertise is proven by over 500 completed commercial projects. We uphold strict quality controls and always utilize optimal products installed properly by our experienced application crews. Our coatings withstand time without cracking, peeling or chipping off walls and structural members.

Fully Managed Installation Process

We oversee the entire planning and installation process to make upgrades smooth and convenient:
Facility managers applaud our turnkey project coordination from start to finish – minimizing interference with site operations. Our flexible install teams work nights and weekends.

Significant Long Term Cost Savings

Correctly installed coatings substantially reduce risks of structural failures, fire damage to inventory and revenue losses if ever needed in an emergency. Preventing destruction down the line saves exponentially more than the initial investment. We deliver immense value via life safety and business continuity solutions.

Optimized Fireproofing Across Every Commercial Industry

With over a decade of niche experience, Advanced Insulation Solutions understands the unique fire protection balancing acts required across different industries and environments:

Office High Rises and Business Parks

We work extensively on Denver’s landmark high rises and office towers – interpreting intricate architectural plans to specify containment systems upholding demanding regulatory and investor fire rating requirements.

Manufacturing Plants and Distribution Centers

Given flow intricacies in giant warehouses, food factories and electronics production buildings, we strategically apply coatings forming fire barriers without process interruptions.

Hospitality Establishments and Public Venues

Our coatings blend into hotel, museum and restaurant interiors – providing essential protection while maintaining beautiful design ambiance guests never consider.

Residential Apartments and Senior Housing

We educate multifamily property managers on cost-effective firestopping modernizations that balance structural upgrades, maximal safety and real estate asset preservation.

Schools and Community Assets

Having served municipalities and nonprofits for years, we deliver tight budget solutions to libraries, recreation centers, churches and agencies upholding public welfare.

Fire Resistant Coating Materials

After thoroughly evaluating your property, floorplans and goals, we deliver transparent quotes tailored to assets and needs.

Antiflame SH500 Intumescent Base Layer

The foundation of our systems utilizes a thin-film coating that expands tremendously to act as a thermal barrier when exposed to high heat. This blocks further fire penetration to the structure underneath for up to 4 hours depending on thickness.

Durable Topcoat Finishes

We finish off jobs with protective topcoats in your desired texture, sheen and colors that maintain visual appeal long term with minimal maintenance requirements. They withstand contact.

Flexible Protective Topcoats

In rougher industrial areas, we apply durable 100% acrylic deck coatings resembling concrete that withstand exterior weathering and washdowns while maximizing longevity of fireproofing systems beneath.

We offer tiered package levels with different product combinations to achieve 1, 2 or 3+ hour fire resistance ratings customized to demands. Call for specifics.

Serving Local Businesses for Over 10 Years

Since starting operations back in 2012, Advanced Insulation Solutions has successfully delivered many notable commercial fireproofing projects benefiting local Colorado companies:

New Terumo Medical Manufacturing Campus

This new sterile clean room and warehouse campus producing critical hospital IV supplies required 2 hour barriers in limited spaces without temperature, airflow or filtration impacts.

Avaya Tech Business Park

This multi-building office complex encompassing a historic renovated boiler structure demanded extensive fire separation infrastructure upgrades to meet city permitting requirements before opening.

Outlets at Denver

We coated the steel girders crossing this giant open-ceiling mall concourse with heat activated intumescents that expand when heated – avoiding collapse.

Rose Assisted Living Center

Given older infrastructure, we utilized special thin coating materials in this retirement home to balance fire code compliance, ease of application and facility care limitations during our work.

Children's MuseumGeodesic Domes

We worked weekends applying clear intumescent layers to architecturally unique curved wooden domes protecting invaluable traveling children’s exhibits without any visible change.

Anythink Brighton Library

This dated civic building lacked proper containment walls and barriers between offices, storage rooms and public areas. We installed conforming solutions.

Service Guarantees and Assurances

Having fireproofed so many buildings, Advanced Insulation Solutions offers transparent commitments rarely matched by competitors so clients can have total peace of mind:

10 Year Material and Labor Warranty

We guarantee coating materials and skilled installation workmanship for at least 10 full years. We quickly investigate and remedy any defects exceeding normal wear circumstances.

UL Certification Across Product Lines

All coating products used carry UL testing marks by an accredited third party verifying hourly fire resistance ratings when applied per our specifications. We provide documentation.

Thorough Post-Project Testing

Where required by contract, we perform heat resistance testing on installed coatings using thermal imaging cameras and contact sensors to validate rated performance capabilities. We assist arranging any necessary fire marshal inspections for occupancy permitting and sign off on conformance reports.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Our specialty contractors carry all legally required trade licensing. We also maintain comprehensive general liability policies along with performance bonds protect customers if improbable issues ever occurred. Feel confident in our total qualifications.

Specialty Coating Applications

Beyond typical beam/wall intumescent coating application, Advanced Insulation Solutions offers niche services uniquely equipped to handle:

Steel Skeletal Framework Fireproofing

We have deep expertise applying coatings to exposed interior steel columns, joists, rafters and more – providing necessary ratings while leaving aesthetically exposed metals preferred by architects for modern appeal. We account for vibration.

Tight Access Area Treatment

Using our arsenal of specialty spray rigs, we can coat hard to access spaces like underground tunnels, mechanical mezzanines and crawlspaces without needing total human entry and minimizing protective mask requirements.

High Washdown Zone Barriers

In pool equipment rooms, hygiene rooms and exterior mechanical platforms exposed to regular hose spray downs, we install durable deck coatings resilient to moisture, chemicals and sun while fire protecting.
Contact us to discuss unique requirement details. We tailor solutions to demanding fireproofing challenges.

Common Commercial Building Fireproofing Requirements

Hourly fire resistance compliance demands vary greatly depending on use, size, construction methods and other factors. We optimize solutions for common structures:

Multi-Story Office Towers

Modern mixed use high rises require 2 to 4 hour barriers safeguarding immense assets. We expertly interpret intricate architectural plans while consulting with developers, contractors, architects and property managers on cost considerations.

Big Box Retail Stores

Large open retail buildings need segmented fire zones to avoid full collapse. We strategically apply thin film coatings on steel supports and roof decking to compartmentalize risk without negatively impacting merchandising.

Assisted Living Senior Care Homes

Given vulnerable populations in older infrastructure, we specify multiple redundant layers of protection throughout common spaces, patient rooms and structural skeletons targeting 1+ hour resistance assisting evacuation per strict regulatory mandates.

Grade Schools and Universities

We work cooperatively with administrators to schedule solution installations during off hours that balance tight budgets with rules on containment areas insulating expensive labs, libraries and performance halls secured by public funding.

Warehouses and Production Facilities

Expansive manufacturing plants mixing volatile chemicals and materials require robust coatings actively resisting industrial exposures installed without interfering with intricate operational assembly lines spanning floors.
Let us know your unique commercial project details!

Request a Consultation or Quote

Don’t gamble on essential fire safety – contact Advanced Insulation Solutions at (720) 990-1332 regarding your upcoming new build or modernization project anywhere throughout the Front Range region. Our team gladly provides transparent complimentary assessments outlining tailored coating specifications that balance your budget. Partner with Northern Colorado’s top rated fireproofing contractor today!

Ongoing Maintenance Requirements

Properly installed fire resistant coatings require very minimal long-term maintenance. However, we recommend the following to protect investments:

Annual Visual Inspections

Facility managers should visually inspect coated areas annually for any damage from impacts, construction debris, hanging wires/cords, or other foreign objects that may compromise intumescent integrity over time. We provide inspection checklists and can conduct free assessments.

Touch Up Kits for Minor Repairs

For minor nicks and gouges that expose base coats, we supply durable acrylic touch up kits matched to your custom finish color and texture. These field repairs by custodial staff prevent issues compounding prior to major planned renovations when full recoating is ideal.

Recertification Every 5-7 Years

Given aging, temperature swings, and other environmental factors, we suggest a full intumescent coating audit every 5-7 years. We use thermal imaging to ensure full integrity, patching compromised sections, and updating to the latest UL-rated technologies.

Project Process Step-By-Step

Successfully planning and executing a commercial fireproofing project requires careful coordination. Here is the typical process:

Initial Budgeting Consultation

We provide free initial budget estimates per square foot to aid owners planning life safety upgrades. We detail specifications for hour ratings so construction managers can compare our trade pricing.

Detailed Scope Walkthrough

On site, we thoroughly survey and measure all surface areas requiring treatment, access considerations, asset protection needs, operational aspects, and project timelines desired. This feeds firm pricing.

Engineering Submission Packages

Our licensed fire protection engineers certify containment drawings and product specifications meeting local codes. We submit packages to ownership reps and municipalities on clients’ behalf, liaising until permit issuance.

Material Procurement

Well in advance of scheduled installs, we order tested intumescent coatings from national distribution chains – avoiding project delays. Custom finishes take 12+ weeks. We stage supplies securely avoiding theft.

Prep Work and Asset Protection

Our crews use extensive drop cloths, dust barriers and warning signs to safeguard interiors, merchandise, equipment etc. We mask and prep application areas thoroughly before applying coatings. Debris is fully cleaned shiftly.

Connect Regarding Your Evaluation

For over 10+ years, Advanced Insulation Solutions has been the trusted go-to name regarding complex commercial fireproofing projects across Northern Colorado. Let our experts simplify this intricate process for you moving forward.

Call (720) 990-1332 for a free quote or details on our tiered service packages. Whether new construction or modernizing existing buildings, our coatings apply essential protection while balancing aesthetics and continuity. Contact us today!