Cold Storage Insulation Services

Cold Storage Insulation Services in Denver, CO

Trusted Commercial Spray Foam Insulation for Cold Storage Facilities

Advanced Insulation Solutions has over 10 years of expertise helping cold storage facility managers in Denver, CO and surrounding areas tackle condensation, icing, and temperature fluctuation issues through spray foam insulation services. As an experienced spray foam insulation contractor, we understand the unique needs of cold storage buildings and freezer rooms.

Our commercial spray foam solutions create a superior thermal barrier and air seal to:

We have the technical knowledge and specialty equipment to properly insulate every part of your cold storage building – including floors, walls and ceilings. Our spray foam insulation services for cold facilities also help you:

Meet City Codes and Facility Compliance Standards

Many older cold storage warehouses in Denver, CO do not meet newer commercial energy efficiency standards and food safety facility regulations. We work with city officials and inspectors to bring buildings up to code through spray foam insulation. This often prevents costly penalties down the road.

Extend the Life of Your Cold Storage Equipment

By maintaining optimal temperatures below 32°F and humidity levels under 50% through insulation, you increase the longevity of compressors, evaporators, condensers and other cold storage machinery. Many components last 20-30% longer when operating under stable interior conditions.

Improve Working Conditions for Employees

Consistent sub-freezing temperatures keep staff comfortable while preventing slippery and hazardous ice buildup on floors. This results in fewer worker injuries. Proper insulation also isolates noise from running equipment to reduce deafening reverberation in work areas.

Increase Profits Through Energy Savings

Spray foam insulation pays for itself in as little as 2 – 3 years through energy bill reductions. Cold storage facilities insulated by Advanced Insulation Solutions save an average of $3,500 annually in electricity costs.

Image showing our commercial spray foam insulation services in progress at a cold storage warehouse in Denver, CO

Complete Spray Foam Insulation Services for Denver, CO Cold Storage Facilities

Our commercial services fully customize the insulation process to meet your precise building requirements – including project scope, R-value needs, schedule constraints and budget.

Initial Cold Storage Facility Evaluation

We start every insulation project with an extensive site evaluation. This allows us to:
Typical problem areas we assess during cold storage facility evaluations:

We use thermal imaging to precisely identify gaps in a facility’s insulation barrier

Professional Spray Foam Installation

Our crews of experienced spray foam technicians will professionally install insulation using a high-density polyurethane foam designed specifically to withstand sub-zero temperatures down to -80°F.

Spray foam application process by our insulation professionals

Precision Trimming & Finishing

We meticulously trim and detail all sprayed surfaces for clean, finished results:

Investment Protection

We back all spray foam insulation installations with thorough 30-year thermal warranty coverage and 10-year labor guarantees. This ensures your insulation investment is protected for the long run.

Contact Advanced Insulation Solutions at (720) 990-1332 to schedule your free quote on cold storage insulation in Denver, CO today!

The Science Behind Cold Storage Spray Foam Insulation

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) outperforms traditional fiberglass batt or foam board insulation in cold and freezer applications for several scientific reasons:

Air Infiltration Protection

Fiberglass insulation materials contain small gaps and cavities that allow temperature-equalizing air flow circulation, whereas closed-cell SPF expands and seals to deny air infiltration. Preventing air exchange maintains precise interior conditions.

Moisture Resistance

Unlike absorbent fiberglass, impermeable spray foam stops atmospheric humidity from penetrating insulation and condensing into problematic moisture accumulation.

Thermal Stability

The rigid structure and millions of tiny air pockets within SPF resist conduction and convection heat transfer 500x better than other substances. This stabilizes temperatures against outside fluctuations.

Wind Resilience

SPF bonds tenaciously to surfaces and itself, enabling the insulation to withstand hurricane-force winds up to 200 mph. It will not bow or sway to compromise integrity over decades installed.

Over 10+ years of cold storage facility insulation across metro Denver, we have seen facility temperatures improve by 12-25° F on average after our spray foam upgrades. Get in touch with us to maximize your insulation ROI through SPF!

Actual thermal imaging showing surface temperature improvements from our spray foam insulation installation (blue is coldest)


FAQs on Cold Storage Spray Foam Insulation in Denver, CO

Unlike porous fiberglass, impermeable spray foam completely seals out humid air infiltration that leads to frost accumulation, ice dams, and metal component corrosion issues. Our SPF also adheres evenly across irregular surfaces for uninterrupted, consistent thermal efficiency.
We conduct an extensive site analysis to identify your building's distinct needs, insulation requirements, existing conditions, electrical loads, and refrigeration machinery specifications. Based on thermal calculations and readings, we determine the precise custom thickness and insulation rating to maintain your ideal interior cold storage environment.
In many cases, yes. We have the specialty spray foam adhesives that strongly bond polyurethane foam directly over older fiberglass, foam panels, concrete, wood and more. This saves on material costs without requiring tear-outs while multiplying insulating performance.
Depending on total square footage, layout complexity, accessibility and crew size, we can usually complete insulation application across an entire cold storage building envelope in 2 to 5 business days. Initial dry times take 2-4 hours before trimming and reassembly.
Our technicians meticulously trim and detail the spray foam down to match your facility's exact surface contours, lines and finishes. It will not look haphazard, slopped or detract out of place. We also reinstall any removed panels, racks, electrical or supports to their precise positions. You will notice the temperature difference but your business aesthetics remain untouched.

For over 10 years, Advanced Insulation Solutions has served as a trusted, highly skilled cold storage warehouse insulation contractor for facilities throughout the greater Denver metro area. We offer complimentary project quotes and specialize in turnkey installation of spray foam insulation solutions that maintain sub-freezing conditions while preventing condensation water damage, ice dams, and slippery floors.

Contact our team of professional commercial insulators today at (720) 990-1332 to schedule an on-site cold storage facility assessment in Denver, CO. We look forward to helping improve your interior environments, operations and energy efficiency through expert SPF insulation services.

What Past Cold Storage Manager Say About Us:

“Advanced Insulation Solutions not only optimized temperatures in our older facility but also handled the permitting and brought us up to compliance with current energy codes. This avoided almost $15k in government fines while making our warehouse safer for employees. Their spray foam has already paid for itself through lower electricity bills too!”– Mark D., Polar Products Cold Storage

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