Fireproofing Insulation

Fireproofing Insulation Services in Denver, CO

Superior Fire Resistance and Thermal Protection for Your Home

Industry-Leading Fire Retardant Coatings and Thermal Insulation from Advanced Insulation Solutions

Advanced Insulation Solutions has over 5 years of experience providing residential fireproofing insulation services in Denver, CO and surrounding areas. As a locally owned and operated insulation contractor serving homeowners in your community, we specialize in installing fire-resistant coatings and thermal insulation solutions that strengthen your home’s fire protection and temperature control.

From flame-retardant paints and sealants to firestop barriers and safety inspections, Advanced Insulation Solutions offers a complete line of fireproofing insulation services for residential properties. We utilize top-quality fire blocking and fire stopping products that meet the most stringent national safety standards, giving you peace of mind that your house is protected in the event of a fire emergency.

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Fire Proof

Our Fireproofing and Insulation Services

Advanced Insulation Solutions provides a full range of fireproofing insulation solutions including:

Fire-Rated Paints, Sprays & Coatings

These specialized fire-resistant coatings expand when exposed to high heat and flames, blocking fire spread and preventing structural damage. We apply them to all penetrations and openings throughout your Denver home for maximized surface-level fire protection.

Fire Blocking Materials & Assemblies

Our team installs fire rated foam, sealants and other assemblies to compartmentalize wall and floor cavities internally, restricting an uncontrolled spread of flames:

Properly installed fire blocks act as passive fire protection, buying residents precious extra response time in a house fire event.

Firestop Barriers for Penetrations

We supply and expertly install fire rated barriers designed to automatically close off pipes, cables, vents and other penetrations if fire occurs near openings:

Sealing off hard to reach penetration pathways prevents deadly smoke and flames from bypassing firewalls to spread from room to room.

Fire Safety Inspections

The fire safety professionals at Advanced Insulation Solutions offer complete fire risk assessments and compliance inspections of existing fireproofing insulation in Denver residences.

Beyond installation, we help identify vulnerabilities in your fire compartmentalization and blocking to keep your house responsibility protected over time.

Fire and Thermal Protection Regulations for Denver, CO Homes

There are a number of crucial residential fire safety codes and standards that apply to houses in Denver, CO set forth by both the State of Colorado and County of Adams. These help guide our expert recommendations and installation procedures for your home’s fireproofing insulation needs.

Some key fire protection requirements from local code include:

Fire Blocking and Draftstopping

Wood-framed buildings like residential houses require internal fire blocking at certain intervals to slow horizontal and vertical fire spread by sub-dividing concealed spaces. Local fire codes also mandate draftstopping to restrict vertical movement.

Fire Barrier Penetration Sealing

Openings and penetrations created by pipes, cables, ducts and other items that pass through firewalls must be sealed with approved firestop materials per code requirements to maintain fire resistance ratings.

Fire Resistance Standards

Construction materials and assemblies (walls, floors, etc) are required to meet set hourly fire resistance ratings measured by standardized test methods under the IBC and IRC. Common requirements are 1 hour for residences.

Our installation teams are fully trained on the latest residential fire codes and standards, ensuring the fireproofing insulation solutions we implement for your Denver home provide responsible fire protection that meets all local compliance regulations.

Advanced Insulation Solutions Fireproofing Process

At Advanced Insulation Solutions, our mission is keeping families and homes in Denver as safe as possible from fire-related disasters. We follow a standardized process for each fireproofing insulation project:


Our fireproofing specialists will schedule an on-site evaluation at your home to:
No obligations or pushy sales tactics – just friendly experts helping homeowners protect what matters most.

Proposal & Planning

Next we put together a detailed project proposal outlining the fireproofing insulation plan for your house along with pricing. This allows you to review recommendations and materials for approval before we begin work.


Once the project plan is green lit, our crews will arrive onsite fully equipped to complete all fireproofing insulation application and assembly installation efficiently. We protect your property ensuring minimal mess or hassle throughout the process.

Verification & Follow Up

Upon completing installation of your new fireproofing insulation solutions, Advanced Insulation Solutions will conduct a final walk through with you to:
Your safety and satisfaction with the new fire protection upgrades are our top priorities.

Trusted Partner for Residential Fireproofing

For over 10 years, Advanced Insulation Solutions has served as Denver, CO’s leading insulation and fireproofing contractor protecting hundreds of local families from the devastating effects of home fires.

We only source commercial-grade fire retardant products designed and rigorously tested to meet strict NFPA, ASTM and UL safety certifications. Our experienced teams are fully certified in responsible installation techniques for unparalleled fire protection.

The home fire risks here in Northern Colorado are very real. Protect your most valuable investment and cherished memories with the fireproofing insulation experts residents in your neighborhood have trusted year after year.

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