Sound Dampening


Sound Dampening

Thanks to lightweight home construction, open floor plans, and a multitude of noisy machines and loud entertainment gear, today’s houses are noisier than ever. Unless a house is equipped with some form of soundproofing, it can be insufferable at times. And then there are the neighbors. Trying to quiet noisy neighbors in apartments and condos—or noisy neighborhoods—is even harder. How do you soundproof a room to block outside noise? Keep in mind high and mid range frequencies are a bit easier to manage but those annoying low frequency bass sounds are very difficult to eliminate.

Soundproofing places like a bedroom to lower noise levels to the absolute minimum can allow for a restful sleep. Soundproofing walls in your home prevents outside noises from coming in. Your neighbor deserves their comfort as well. Therefore, soundproofing your house will not only provide your home with peace and quiet, but will also ensure that your neighbor can have some comfort and enjoy a restful sleep too.

The Process

Soundproofing is about controlling noise. So ask yourself, “What noise do I want to control?” Broadly speaking, noise control falls within two categories — either controlling the quality and nature of sound that is generated within your home, like music rooms, or blocking sound you don’t want to hear, like traffic noises. Both of these involve stopping the unwanted movement of sound from one place to another and dampening echoes.

Two soundproofing techniques are used for controlling the movement of sound:

To soundproof a room effectively, you can use a combination of sound blocking and sound absorbing materials and techniques, using sound blockers to prevent noise from traveling through the walls, ceiling, floors, doors, windows, and openings such as doorways, and also employ materials that absorb noise both inside and outside of the room.

Understanding Sound Class Transmission (STC) Ratings

The ability of a material to block sound is measured by a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating. This rating roughly reflects the decibel reduction in noise provided by a partition or object. To block loud speech, a wall needs an STC rating of at least 40 to 50. For excellent noise blocking, you’ll need an STC rating of from 50 to 60.

Sound Dampening Service in Denver, CO, by Advanced Insulation Solutions

For over 10 years, Advanced Insulation Solutions has been a leader in high-quality soundproofing Denver solutions for homes and businesses across the Denver, CO area. We have extensive expertise working with clients to dramatically reduce unwanted noise and sounds, allowing you to transform noisy spaces into calmer, more peaceful environments. If you’re struggling with excess noise intrusion from traffic, noisy neighbors, home entertainment systems or more, we have advanced soundproofing products and installation services to effectively block, absorb and isolate sound in any room or building.

Why Choose Advanced Insulation Solutions for Your Sound Dampening Project?

There are a lot of companies that claim they can soundproof a space, but our 10+ years of specialized experience paired with using industry-leading sound control materials truly sets us apart. Advanced Insulation Solutions is proud to offer property owners in Denver and surrounding areas:
With over 100 verified 5-star reviews and acclaimed local noise mitigation expertise, you can count on Advanced Insulation Solutions for the highest quality in commercial and residential sound dampening services.

Common Sound Issues We Solve in Denver, Colorado

Our soundproofing installers tackle all types of sound problems to create quieter, more comfortable spaces, including:

Traffic and Road Noise

Being near busy highways, railways, and heavy road traffic can produce highly disruptive noise like roaring engines, horns and rail cars rattling. These sounds easily transmit through walls, windows, vents and more if not properly treated. We install specialized acoustic materials like Mass Loaded Vinyl, acoustic sealants, sound barrier composites and vibration dampeners to curtail this noise pollution, including in rooms like:

Noisy Neighbors

Hearing sounds of neighbors’ voices, pets, music and TVs through shared walls or floors is another common challenge in multi-tenant homes and apartments that negatively impacts the quality of life and work. To mitigate these frustrating noises, we advise on noise ordinances while designing solutions like:
These fully block, absorb or isolate sounds from traveling between units for more peaceful surroundings.

Unwanted Voices and Activities

Whether it is loud phone calls from the next office, sleep disruption from a home gym or server room equipment noise leaking into guest rooms, intrusive voices and internal building activities demand effective sound treatment, too. The right placement of hushcore acoustic barriers, noise damping composites and sound absorption panels makes a world of difference.

Entertainment System Bass and Vibrations

Heavy bass and sound effects from stereos, theater setups and gaming systems can easily become a nuisance by permeating walls and shaking structural elements. To prevent bothering housemates and neighbors, we advise on subwoofer placements while professionally installing products like:
This allows THX-certified surround sound or powerful gaming audio without noise complaints.

Additional Noise Issues

Some specialized acoustic projects we’ve worked on in the greater Denver metro area include:
No matter the noise control demands, our innovative sound dampening solutions stand ready to assist.

Soundproofing Process In Denver: from Assessment to Installation

Taking a detailed, customer-focused approach is key to addressing unwanted sound issues, which is why we follow this careful process for soundproofing in Denver:

Sound Issue and Space Assessment

First, our soundproofing experts in Denver will visit your space to:
Thorough sound dampening assessments inform the custom-designed solutions we propose next.

System Design and Product Selection

Armed with assessment insights, our engineering team then:
We present this comprehensive sound control system with guaranteed expected performance metrics aligned to your acoustic goals prior to moving forward.

Pre-Installation Checks and Permits of Soundproofing In Denver

Before beginning soundproofing installations, we confirm the following:
Completing these inspections ensures smooth installations from start to finish.

Certified Sound Control Installations

With all prep work complete, our highly skilled sound dampening professionals take over to:
Strict methodologies ensure high-quality applications and minimal disruption.

Performance Testing and Adjustments

Post installation, we verify effectiveness using decibel readers and other analysis tools to:
Only once acoustic performance is verified do we consider the Denver soundproofing project complete.
By following this structured plan tailored to your unique situation, Advanced Insulation Solutions delivers the most advanced sound dampening for lasting noise control and quieter spaces.

Denver Soundproofing Products and Materials We Offer

Having served the Colorado area for years, Advanced Insulation Solutions only sources from certified suppliers and leverages proprietary formulations for maximum noise blocking and absorption potency. Some of our top sound control products include:

Acoustiblok® Sound Absorbers

The patented Acoustiblok sound absorber array uses multiple layers of thermoplastics, specialized rubbers, and thin stainless steel sheets to transform noise energy into residual heat without fiberglass or toxins. With among the highest NRC sound absorption ratings available, Acoustiblok absorbers are ultra-thin, able to conform around corners plus withstand weather, making them our #1 acoustic solution.

NoiseMASTERTM Barrier Composites

Featuring patented Viscoelastic Polymers, these lightweight noise barrier composites damp, decouple and block noise through walls, ceilings and floors by up to 18 dB. As one of the most cost-effective DIY Denver soundproofing solutions, NoiseMASTER products like NoiseSORB come in various thicknesses for use inside wall cavities without losing floor space.

QuietRock® Drywall Systems

Providing noise control right within wallboards and ceilings, the QuietRock line uses constrained-layer-damping methods fused to gypsum panels. Once professionally installed with acoustic caulking, varieties like QuietRock 510 help control airborne sounds between rooms at superior levels compared to standard 1/2” drywall.

Sound Isolation Clips and Channels

For new construction or renovations, specialized metal clips like Whisper Clip decouple interior wall systems from the main structure using air cavities. Along with hat channels like Resilmount A237, these building MODIFICATIONS prevent the transfer of vibrational noise to stop flanking sounds traveling laterally between spaces.

Custom Acoustic Doors, Windows and Panels

Crafting specialty soundproof doors, windows, and Helmholtz resonating acoustic panels are common sound dampening SOLUTIONS for rooms like theaters, music venues and studios. Made from noise-blocking glazing, seals, gasketing and mass-loaded vinyl barriers, these custom additions form impenetrable noise barriers while retaining aesthetics.

And many more customized sound dampening products to match your needs…

With unlimited access to the industry’s top brands for the most challenging noise issues paired with expert recommendations, Advanced Insulation Solutions offers advanced Denver soundproofing solutions.

Applications and Spaces Served

From small DIY noise absorber INSTALLATIONS to major commercial soundproofing retrofit projects, clients in the Denver area rely on our versatile applications expertise, including:

Residential Sound Dampening

Making homes quieter places amid rising neighborhood noise calls for professional sound control. We offer time-tested solutions for:
Complete residential acoustic upgrades mean peaceful nights and private leisure without noise complaints.

Multi-Family and Apartment Soundproofing in Denver

Noisy neighbors in condos and apartment complexes dampen the quality of living if sounds bleed between units. Advanced Insulation Solutions excels at cost-effective, tenant-friendly sound dampening upgrades for:
Property investments in sound mitigation also lead to higher occupancy rates and rental premiums.

Office Soundproofing

Tuning office settings for comfort, focus and productivity heightens performance. Our specialty is creating quieter workplaces by treating:
With tailored acoustic office SOLUTIONS, employers foster greater concentration minus disturbances.

Commercial Soundproofing

Privacy concerns, building codes, occupational regulations and comfort standards mean commercial sites all need expert sound dampening. We’ve engineered systems to reduce noise in:
Allowing sociable ambiances without sound leakage or disruptions.

And for specialized venues like studios and theaters, we offer fully customized, room-within-room style floating room suspensions and isolations achieving over 80 dB noise reduction. From simple cosmetic upgrades to involved structural isolation assemblies, Advanced Insulation Solutions provides the ultimate noise control services for spaces of any kind throughout Denver and the Front Range region.

Get a Free Custom Sound Dampening Consultation

With over 10 years as premier sound dampening experts in Northern Colorado, call Advanced Insulation Solutions today at (720) 990-1332 for a free design consultation or quote. Our building acoustics specialists are ready to assess your property, pinpoint sound issues and advise cost-effective noise control solutions crafted just for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

While we may not be able to completely eliminate all the noise from all of your environments, we can definitely improve your living or working environment through methods to meet your budget.
The best times to do sound dampening is during new construction or remodeling. We suggest you ask your drywall contractor to install sound isolation systems (SIS). SIS are an even more effective way to build an interior wall by mounting 1/2-inch gypsum wallboard on special resilient channels or isolation clips that cross the wall. These channels or clips absorb sound so it isn’t conducted through the wall studs, resulting in an STC rating of about 46.
We install material from major insulation manufacturers, including CertainTeed, Johns Manville, Knauf Fiber Glass, and Owens-Corning, market 3 1/2-inch-thick fiberglass or rock wool “acoustic batts” specifically for sound control. These products are excellent at absorbing the sound that would otherwise travel through the air. Other items to research that prove to be effective steps in creating that quiet spaces include mass loaded vinyl, green glue, sound blocking curtains and acoustic tiles.

Sound Absorption
Sound absorption is the process of converting sound energy into heat. It requires a soft, porous material. Sound absorbing materials are usually light and fluffy such as egg crate foam. If you want to block sound, this is not the material you need. When referring to sound absorption, you should look for products that absorb echo in a room – such as a foam or fiberglass material. Sound Absorption is best used in large areas with reflective surfaces, such as restaurants, lobbies, and conference rooms.

Sound Blocking
If you want a product that will stop or block a sound, you’ll need a heavier, denser material. For example, adding extra layers sheetrock to your walls to make them thicker. However, many people do not think about the sound coming in through their windows and doors. Adding an extra layer to your windows and doors is not only less of a hassle, but it is cheaper and less damaging to the original structure of the house.