Retrofitting Insulation Installation in Denver, CO

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Welcome to Advanced Insulation Solutions, your top choice for retrofitting insulation installation in Denver, CO and surrounding areas. With over 10 years of expertise in the insulation industry, our professional team has the knowledge and capability to properly insulate any home or building.

Why Choose Advanced Insulation Solutions?

At Advanced Insulation Solutions, we believe in providing our Denver area customers with exceptional service and lasting results. Here’s why we’re the right insulation contractor for your retrofit project:

With a detailed evaluation, solution planning process, and meticulous installation by our insulation professionals in Denver, you can expect optimal thermal performance from your retrofitted insulation.

Benefits of Professional Insulation Retrofitting

Installing or upgrading insulation is one of the wisest home improvement investments you can make. Let us handle your insulation retrofitting project correctly the first time and enjoy benefits like:

By retrofitting your property in Denver with insulation from an established local contractor like Advanced Insulation Solutions, you can achieve these types of meaningful benefits and improvements.

Retrofitting Insulation Services We Provide

When modernizing the insulation in your existing Denver property to current standards and codes, one size does not fit all situations. Through our insulation needs assessment, we determine the optimal solutions for YOUR retrofit project requirements:

Our seasoned residential and commercial insulation contractors have the product knowledge and technical skills to execute any necessary insulation retrofit service in the Denver area including:

Installation & Replacement

Install new insulation with proper material, required R-Value thickness, and correct installation method for maximum effect. Replace damaged, ineffective insulation for better thermal performance.

Topping Off & Patching

Improve the thermal envelope by adding insulation over your existing levels to meet updated standards and codes. Repair gaps, compression issues, and other imperfections compromising insulation effectiveness.

Removal & Disposal

Safely remove outdated or problematic insulation types (like asbestos) and dispose of properly. Prepare areas for new updated insulation systems that better meet needs.

These are just examples of our retrofitting expertise. Contact Advanced Insulation Solutions at (720) 990-1332 for a Free Estimate to discuss your particular insulation retrofitting needs in Denver, CO and surrounding metro Denver areas.

Types of Insulation We Offer

With varying benefits, drawbacks, and applications, numerous types of insulation materials are available. At Advanced Insulation Solutions, we offer PRODUCT OPTIONS to suit any retrofit project requirements:

Examples insulation we provide includes:


Our most economical option – available faced and un-faced in batts, rolls and loose-fill. Excellent thermal and acoustical insulation.

Spray Foam

Rigid polyurethane foams offer premium efficiency. Open and closed cell versions used for walls, attics, foundations.


Loose-fill and dense packed cellulose insulates well against heat and sound. Made from recycled materials like post-consumer paper waste.

Cotton Batts

Natural growing fibers without chemical additives. Breathable insulation effective for walls, ceiling and floors

Professional Retrofitting Process

While materials determine the performance level, PROPER INSTALLATION is key to optimal insulation results and benefits. Our proven retrofitting process includes:

When retrofitting insulation, every home and building is unique, so custom solutions and flexibility in our process is necessary. Our Denver insulation contractors take care to maintain WORKMANSHIP STANDARDS for every installation. All our insulation retrofit projects include:

By following industry best practices and manufacturer specifications tailored to each unique scenario, we achieve insulation success – keeping interiors more comfortable in any weather.

For local codes questions or necessary permits and compliance documentation related to retrofitting insulation in Denver and the surrounding metro area, our knowledgable team handles all aspects for seamless project facilitation.

Retrofitting Insulation in My Attic

As hot summer sun baked attics and frigid winters penetrate uninsulated ceilings, ATTIC areas offer some of the greatest potential for retrofit benefits. Heat naturally rises while cold drops – making your ceiling insulation hugely impact comfort and energy efficiency. Our Denver insulation company can determine if your attic insulation meets today’s standards and install the best type of insulation to resolve current issues.

We thoroughly assess your existing attic insulation situation along with factors like:

Then we advise the optimal retrofitting solutions – which may include:

Adding Insulation / Topping Off

If your current attic insulation meets the condition criteria but falls below modern R-Value recommendations for our region’s climate demands, adding extra insulation on top is likely the best value option.

Full Insulation Replacement

For older properties or failing insulation, a full tear out and replacement with an adequate insulation system suitable for Colorado winters likely warrants budget consideration.

Specialty Applications

For tricky eaves, angular architecture designs, access challenges and other non-standard attic situations, creative solutions for maximizing insulation levels makes a difference..

And if issues likes heat loss from recessed lighting or proper attic ventilation need addressing, Advanced Insulation Solutions handles all integrated aspects for holistic thermal performance as part of your insulation retrofitting project.

Retrofitting Insulation in My Walls

Heat loss and gain through exterior WALLS can tremendously impact indoor comfort and energy usage. When walls lack proper insulation, rooms struggle to hold temperatures. Unfortunately insulation inside existing walls is difficult to add without full remodeling. Typical wall insulation retrofit options include:

Interior Wall Insulation Techniques

If renovating finished walls already, specialized framing techniques allow adding insulation to the stud bays before installing new drywall. Varying levels of nuisance and mess make each interior insulation technique more or less appropriate.

Exterior Wall Insulation Installation

Installing insulation layers under new siding or exterior finishes allows achieving higher insulation levels with less disruption to interior living spaces and design features. Special adhesives and mechanical fasteners hold forms of rigid foam insulation panels firmly against exterior sheathing beneath final siding.

While blown-in wall insulation through holes in interior or exterior wall surfaces is possible, it’s generally only a partial solution for enhancing comfort and efficiency. Complete walls system retrofitting using advanced building science delivers optimal thermal performance.

Retrofitting Insulation in My Basement & Crawl Space

Like your attic, a BASEMENT OR CRAWL SPACE offers accessibility for cost-effective insulation retrofits. Being underground moderates temperatures. But concrete foundation walls and bare dirt floors still interact with seasonal warmth and chill to waste conditioned indoor air if uninsulated. Our Denver insulation company addresses basement and crawl space vulnerabilities like:

Proper insulation and air sealing applied to any accessible foundation space protects the building thermal envelope – managing moisture, improving livability, and preventing indoor air quality issues.

Our retrofit options include basement wall insulation using framed stud walls or various foam boards adhered directly to concrete – finished nicely with drywall or paneling. Rigid foam sheets added below floor joists also boost efficiency. And for crawl space earth floors, special insulation blankets pin directly to the ground and walls for noticeably warmer floors above.

Why Retrofit Insulation with Advanced Insulation Solutions?

When considering UPDATING THE THERMAL PROTECTION in your existing Denver area home or building, trust Advanced Insulation Solutions for maximum return on your insulation investment.

Our veteran insulation professionals combine specialized expertise with custom solutions for ensuing the BEST POSSIBLE thermal performance outcomes from your insulation retrofitting project.

Contact Advanced Insulation Solutions at (720) 990-1332 for a Free Estimate! Our dedicated Denver insulation team looks forward serving your needs from inspection and planning thru professional installation and beyond – making sure you achieve expected comfort improvements and efficiency results.