Soundproofing Ceilings

Soundproof Your Ceilings in Denver, CO with Advanced Insulation Solutions

Are you looking to reduce noise traveling between floors or rooms in your Denver home or office? Installing soundproof ceilings is an effective way to block airborne noise transmission. As leading insulation installers serving Denver, CO for over 10 years, Advanced Insulation Solutions has the expertise to identify the right soundproofing materials and install them properly so you can enjoy peace and quiet.

Why Choose Advanced Insulation Solutions for Your Denver, CO Soundproofing Project

Advanced Insulation Solutions takes pride in being the top provider of insulation installation services in Denver, CO and surrounding areas. When it comes to soundproofing ceilings, we have the following advantages:

Proper insulation installation during home construction ensures comfort and energy efficiency for the entire lifetime of your home.

Why Choose Advanced Insulation Solutions for Your Denver, CO Soundproofing Project

Advanced Insulation Solutions takes pride in being the top provider of insulation installation services in Denver, CO and surrounding areas. When it comes to soundproofing ceilings, we have the following advantages:

As a family-owned and operated company based in Denver, we care about solving noise issues for local homeowners and businesses. Our expertise in ceiling soundproofing has helped theaters, restaurants, offices, condos and more enjoy peace and quiet.

Common Noisy Ceiling Sounds in Denver Homes and Offices

Before installing soundproofing, it’s important to identify what types of noise are bothering you most. Common noises that travel between floors and rooms in Denver through ceilings include:

The key to eliminating the transmission of noises like these through ceilings is adding mass and damping. The right types of soundproofing insulation will block airborne noise by absorbing and isolating it.

Sound Transmission Basics for Residential and Commercial Buildings

To determine which solutions will work best, it helps to understand the science behind how sound travels in buildings. There are two main paths sound uses to transmit:

Airborne Noise Transmission:

Structure-Borne Noise Transmission

The most common path for noise bothering Denver residents and business owners is airborne. Installing acoustic insulation in ceiling air spaces blocks sound waves. Our experienced technicians can diagnose other paths during an inspection if needed.

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Soundproofing Products Used for Noisier Ceilings in Denver, CO

With over a decade of experience installing above ceiling insulation, Advanced Insulation Solutions has direct access to the most effective soundproofing brands on the market. We carry the top acoustical insulation solutions from manufacturers like these:

Roxul Safe'n'Sound

Owens Corning QuietZone® Acoustic Batts

Isover Panels and Batts

These are just a few of the top acoustic insulation products we use regularly to reduce Denver ceiling noise. We’ll determine the right materials and thicknesses during our site evaluation.

Typical Sound Transmission Through Residential Floors/Ceilings

To select the appropriate acoustic insulation during your free estimate, it helps to know Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) standards for improving Sound Transmission Class (STC) between floors. Here are the baseline sound transmission loss most residential and commercial structures provide:

No insulation in walls or ceilings - STC 25-30

Common fiberglass insulation - STC 35-39

Quality Acoustic Insulation - STC 40-49

Premium Soundproofing Insulation - STC 50+

As you can see, common fiberglass insulation only reduces sound transmission minimally. Our acoustic insulation installations typically achieve between STC 40-49. By precision installing materials like Roxul Safe’n’Sound, we can make loud noises virtually inaudible.

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Typical Soundproofing Ceiling Costs in Denver, CO

Many homeowners ask what budget they should plan when soundproofing existing ceilings between floors. Costs vary based on ceiling treatment area, access requirements, prep work needed, and materials selected.

Here are price ranges for common Denver ceiling soundproofing projects:

  • Small Ceiling Area (up to 400 sq ft)
    • Acoustic insulation install:$1000 – $2500
  • Medium Ceiling (400-800 sq ft)
    • $2,500 – $4,500 average cost
  • Large Open Floor Plan (800+ sq ft)
    • $4,500 – $8,500 typical budget

If ceiling access requires drywall demolition/repair or scaffolding rental, add $1000-3000 to the above costs. Factoring in materials, labor and your unique noise issues, most Denver homeowners invest $3,000 to $7,000 to effectively soundproof existing ceilings between floors. Minor ceiling upgrades with standard insulation usually start around $1,500.

Compared to the headaches loud ceiling noise causes long-term, the return on investment from installing advanced soundproofing insulation is extremely high. We also offer affordable financing plans from leading consumer lenders to spread out costs interest-free.

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Step-By-Step Process for Soundproofing Ceilings

What’s Involved in Properly Quieting Noisy Ceilings?

When you choose Advanced Insulation Solutions for your Denver soundproofing project, count on a highly organized process that minimizes disruption:

Step 1 - Free In-Home Acoustic Evaluation

Step 2 - Precision Material Installation

Step 3 - Protect Surrounding Areas

Step 4 - Performance Testing & Inspection

By systematically following best practices refined over 10+ years and 500+ ceiling projects, we efficiently transform noisy spaces into peaceful private sanctums.

Why Do Building Codes Require Ceiling Insulation?

For new builds and renovations in City of Denver, upgrading to code-compliant soundproofing insulation in ceilings is mandatory. Permits won’t pass inspection without meeting legal STC transmission standards between floors.

There are two primary regulations driving the need to suppress noise traveling via ceilings:

Residential Building Codes

The International Building Code (IBC) requires a sound rating of at least STC 45 for floor-ceiling assemblies between living spaces. As lightweight floor truss systems used in modern construction only provide STC 33, adding soundproofing insulation is essential.

Commercial Sound Ordinances

Denver limits noise from commercial establishments at 65 decibels during the day and 55 after hours as measured at adjoining property lines. To contain loud music, customers, machinery etc, dropping ceilings with sound blankets keep businesses compliant.

Whether you need ceiling insulation to pass codes in new construction or reduce operational noise legally, we design solutions that satisfy the strictest inspectors and ordinances. Investing in quality soundproofing now saves thousands in fines while increasing occupancy rates and rental demand.

Inconvenient Truths About DIY Ceiling Insulation

Thinking about DIY Soundproofing? Think Again...

Hundreds of residents and business owners look into Do-It-Yourself acoustic insulation each year. But virtually all end up hiring us once they learn:

Perhaps the costliest downside is that most DIYer’s have to tear out and re-do their own shoddy work once loud noises inevitably return. Save yourself the headache and added expenses by hiring Advanced Insulation Solutions the first time.

What Sets Advanced Insulation Solutions Apart?

Denver's Premiere Soundproofing Contractor Backed By Our Noise-Free Guarantee

With so many insulation companies to choose from, what truly sets Advanced apart? Our obsessive focus on achieving noise reduction results for you.

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From our initial sit-down through installation and beyond, everything we do zeros in on fulfilling the ‘Soundsproof Promise’:

100% Noise Reduction Results For Every Customer

We are only happy when your disturbing noises, banging, vibrations and other unwanted sounds are eliminated completely. Period.

Delivering anything less breaks the customer loyalty we’ve built over 10+ years as Denver’s best insulation contractor. So if you still hear peeps that disturb you after we finish, simply let us know. We’ll come address the issues immediately at no additional cost to achieve a noise-free environment. That’s our Soudsproof Guarantee.

Can you make out voices, footsteps or other disruptive noises from above even faintly? Want peace of mind that private conversations stay private and raucous hobbies won’t receive waning notices? Let our proven soundproofing expertise benefit your life at last!

Have Acoustic Insulation Questions?

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Advanced Insulation Solutions makes quieting noisy, echoey ceilings easy and affordable. For residents and business owners throughout Denver, CO seeking sweeter silence entering 2023, upgrade to our premium soundproofing materials installed by local pros who get it done quickly and right the first time.

Say bye-bye to disruptive ceiling sounds ruining your home comfort and workplace productivity. Breathe easier knowing loud noises, voices and traffic stay securely contained.

Invest in our acoustic insulation solutions now to maximize the time you get to enjoy the peaceful, private place you deserve!