Electrical Circuit Fire Protection

Electrical Circuit Fire Protection in Denver, CO

Safeguarding Critical Commercial Power Systems

For over a decade, Advanced Insulation Solutions has been the leading turnkey installer of essential electrical circuit fireproofing across vital power infrastructure supporting facility functionality. We secure equipment like main breaker switchgear, automatic transfer panels, UPS battery racks that tenants rarely consider yet failures here stemming from surges, arcs or outright fires produce immense downstream damages impacting assets and continuity. That’s why we offer layered safeguards tailored to protect all aspects of power integrity using overlapping intumescent barriers, putties, wraps and coatings achieving 1 to 4+ hour certified fire resistance ratings when installed following our strict methodologies.

Why Advanced Insulation Solutions?

Industry Leading Electrical & Fireproofing Expertise

As long term specialized experts holding niche certifications and licensed for the work, Advanced Insulation Solutions leverages immense competency securing electrical systems via fireproofing installations inside mission critical commercial environments across Northern Colorado. We stay fully informed on the latest containment codes, testing standards, product innovations and application techniques.

Fully Managed Turnkey Installation Process

We oversee the entire upgrade process to make proactive fire protection smooth and convenient through ongoing coordination:

Facility managers praise our logistical agility, response speed, transparent process updates and minimal impacts during enhancements. We understand working around the clock.

Future Savings through Proactive Preparations

Upgrading electrical system resiliency against fire risks often costs substantially less than replacement following catastrophic failures impacting operations for months. While regulatory policies continue expanding mandatory passive containment standards across essential infrastructures given escalating component densities, we develop strategic budgeted phase-in roadmaps utilizing modular solutions balancing disruption. Our tailored systems overcome non-compliances saving long term.

Fire Rated Electrical Protection Solutions

With immense experience securing power delivery equipment and raceway systems spanning many decades collectively, Advanced Insulation Solutions leverages varied fireproofing product lineages all proven through rigorous UL testing applied following prescribed techniques:

Main Switchgear, Breakers and Bus Bars

We secure the heart of distribution with flexible intumescent putties sealing conduits/cables then add reinforced containment mats or boards shielding fronts and sides. Charge indicators remain visible for ongoing monitoring.

Generators, ATS Panels and Massive UPS

Wrapping expansive battery terminals while safely lining transfer switch interiors provides clean fire separation keeping standby power operational when called upon while preventing phase failures from arch flashes during external incidents.

Environmental Control Equipment

Protecting building automation systems like lighting contactors, sensor relays and variable frequency drives ensures ongoing HVAC functionality critical for first responder visibility. We coat devices or full assemblies.

General Branch Panels and Control Boxes

Applying thin intumescent films followed by durable topcoats on boxes, room walls and wire conduits prevents cascading failures stemming from basic breaker electrical fires contained quickly without devolving into unmanageable infrastructure disasters spreading catastrophically across entire buildings.

Common Specialty Services

Beyond fundamental equipment fireproofing, we expertly fulfill niche contracts:


When reviving aging theaters, museums and landmark designated properties requiring outdated fuse panels while introducing modern lighting controls, we blend updated contained electrical boxes into period appearances camouflaging eyesores respecting heritage aesthetics that would otherwise contrast starkly if left overtly exposed.


Constructing consolidated emergency agency response coordination facilities or multi-company crisis management centers relies on extensive generator arrays, redundant power feeds, information display walls and global communications gear all firewalled off using our impenetrable containment science protecting indispensable regional support hubs.


Within continuously operating broadcast facilities, our coatings give studios protection wrapping miles of coaxial feeds, isolated equipment module power connections and overhead robotic lighting rigs containment losses affecting on-air programming which media providers incentivize through contracted insurance premium reductions if secured environmentally since revenue losses snowball rapidly being unable broadcast anything without protected supplies.


High sensitivity laboratory analytical devices, pharmaceutical enclosures and technology safeguarded archives absolutely require maintained interior conditions no matter what happens externally. We render the facilities virtually impregnable to outside catastrophes penetrating so functionality continues uninterrupted securing priceless contents or experimental progress.

Fireproofing Inspection and Verification

Once completing initial application services, Advanced Insulation Solutions assists further supporting long lifecycle safety through:

Commission Testing and Certification

Where mandated by authorities, we schedule reputable independent testing agencies to validate quality using spark testing for pinhole breaches, calibrated conductor analyzers detailing insulation resistance degradation and thermographic scans highlighting any concealed application deficiencies needing correction under warranty so functionality is assured well after our crews finish upgrades.

Fire Marshal Final Approvals

New construction requires fire department definitive sign off before occupancy permitting or policy bindings. We stand ready to fix any identified containment aspects not meeting fire code mandates noted during their review to achieve approvals expediting opening processes rather than leaving issues clouding progress.

Ongoing Verification Audits

For inhabited existing buildings, periodic detailed re-inspections best occur every 3 years by licensed assessors determining if original fireproofing implementations remain fully protective or need refreshed modifications keeping pace with upgraded installed equipment potentials outpacing legacy safeguards. Advanced consultations plan ideal maintenance.

Cable and Wire Specific Solutions

Electrical fires notoriously occur around insufficiently protected cables lacking ample conduit or interfacing improperly with hazmat materials. We resolve risks:

Wire Insulation Fortification

Properly sizing conductor gauges during initial installation solves most heating problems. When unavoidable restrictions demand slimmer wires than desired, we augment insulation blankets adding protective layers slowing thermal damage from sustained loads until upgrades are scheduled.

Fireproof Cable Coating Barriers

In open ceiling spaces with long wire runs threading between equipment, we apply fire resistant intumescent films that activate when ambient temperatures rise sealing flaming paths along cables preventing short circuits from burning continuous predatory paths across entire open areas that grow exponentially hazardous given infinite horizontal fuel if uncoated.

Firestop Cable and Conduit Putty

Any penetrations wires make transitioning firewall compartments requires rigorously tested plug materials preventing gases, flames and smoke passing through tiny gaps. We seal floor/wall/ceiling openings using flexible putties safe for cables and gears protecting adjacent spaces commercially rated to 4+ hour stability standards ensuring fire dangers quarantined safely inside origin areas.

Common Electrical Fireproofing Questions

With extensive niche experience protecting critical electrical infrastructures, Advanced Insulation Solutions answers common queries:
Radiant Barrier Installation from Advanced Insulation Solutions serving Denver, CO

Should power be disconnected before applying?

Live electrical gear should be de-energized for safety reasons whenever viable to allow sufficient workspace. When ongoing operations prohibit equipment shutdowns, we defer physical products until MAUs are restarted then quickly install auxiliary remote thermostat sensors offering intelligent shutoffs if heat spikes from developing electrical issues cross programmed danger thresholds giving facilities forewarning to transition gracefully unlike sudden failures plaguing unattended gear lacking similar protection.

Can coatings be colored to match walls or equipment aesthetics?

Many commercial facilities have strict interior cosmetics matching material finishes across each site stored within technical standards manuals enforced universally companywide. Our specialty intumescent paints and wrap tapes easily achieve corporate color consistencies specified so fireproofing implementations blend in discreetly across locations avoiding negatively impacting showroom visual directives.

What inspection certifications should we require from vendors?

OSHA outlines best practice qualifications including licensed bonding, commercial liability insurance minimums, product training credentials from manufacturers and chain of custody documentation for materials tracking QR code authenticity from fulfillment directly to confirmed installers. We supply these authoritative certificates as standard procedure or per custom contractual requirements requested upfront so clients have assurances fireproofing teams and products sent fully verified safe, genuine and high performance.

Do these upgrades impact equipment warranties?

Proactive communication with OEM equipment manufacturers before applying containment materials ensures no risks invalidating extended unit warranties which typically encourage obviously non intrusive augmentations unconditionally since adding external insulation theoretically improves operational longevity reducing internal stresses from networked power anomalies absent otherwise being unprotected open-frame and thereby vulnerable exposing providers to higher failure rates diminishing reliability metrics promised customers presumably trusting environments properly provisioned guarding valuables appropriately assuming rooms built reasonably hazard resistant or quickly modified installing necessary aftermarket wrappings centrally locating critically powered gear instead dangerously scattered around facilities vulnerable positioned or awkward hard-to-reach corners postponing safety prioritizations conveniently until post-damage disaster declarations arise dismayingly announcing procuring replacement gear very difficult accepting why frightening outcomes happened again predictably so repeat oversights cease perpetually.

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For over 10+ years across the region, mission critical site managers have trusted Advanced Insulation Solutions to deliver essential yet cost-effective layered electrical system fireproofing jackets and barriers that balance safety, equipment access and aesthetics.

Specialty Industrial Applications

With extensive experience in manufacturing plants, we expertly coat electrical elements within:

Full-Scale Building Protection

We deliver comprehensive solutions integrating electrical, HVAC, plumbing, IT and lighting infrastructure:

Value-Add Ancillary Upgrades

Augment fireproofing projects by bundling in:

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Advanced Insulation Solutions leads the region delivering proven multifaceted electrical fire safety solutions customized for your specific commercial facility priorities and codes. Contact us at 720-990-1332 to discuss engagement options!