Fire Resistant Drywall Coating

Fire Resistant Drywall Coating in Denver, CO

Superior Fire Proofing Services For Commercial Properties

Advanced Insulation Solutions has over 10 years of expertise providing premier fire resistant coatings for commercial buildings and properties throughout Denver, CO and the greater Denver metro area. We specialize in applying top-performing intumescent fireproof coatings that expand when exposed to heat, acting as a thermal barrier to protect your drywall and maintain structural integrity during a fire.

Our expert teams utilize only tested, certified fire resistant drywall coatings to bring your commercial property up to the latest fire and building codes for your peace of mind. We handle the entire intumescent fireproofing process – from initial code consulting and risk assessments to final product selection and full-service installation of your custom drywall coating treatment.

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Why Fire Rated Drywall?

Upgrading to fire resistant drywall coatings greatly improves safety by providing critical time for building evacuation in a fire emergency. It also meets standard fireproofing compliance for many commercial property types. Our intumescent coatings offer major benefits:

Life Safety

Asset Protection

Code Compliance

Our Denver fire resistant coating teams have extensive experience applying tested, certified intumescent products that meet these important protections for all types of commercial spaces requiring firewall upgrades.

Commercial Fire Resistant Coating Services

We offer complete, compliant application services for upgrading standard drywall in Denver commercial properties to fire resistant standards. Our full solution includes:

Fire Resistant Coating Evaluation

Intumescent Product Selection

Professional Application

Compliance Documentation

By leveraging our 10+ years as fireproofing specialists in commercial builds all over Denver and greater Denver, Advanced Insulation Solutions simplifies staying fire code compliant while strengthening safety and asset protections in your building.

Why Choose Advanced Insulation Solutions?

Advanced Insulation Solutions stands out as the premier installer of fire resistant drywall coatings due to our proven expertise gained from thousands of compliant Denver commercial projects over the past decade, as well extensive training and certifications.

Specialized Expertise

With fire resistant coatings as our sole focus for 10+ years, Advanced Insulation Solutions offers uniquely specialized knowledge and experience designing and installing compliant solutions to meet targeted fireproofing needs for commercial spaces.

Industry Partners

Our strong partnerships with leading fire resistant and intumescent coating brands like Sherwin Williams Firetex, Nelson FireStop, and Isolatek International provide access to rigorously tested products and technology.

Ongoing Training & Education

Our team maintains active membership in key organizations like the Society of Fire Protection Engineers to stay current with the latest codes, properly inspect to meet ratings, and correctly apply products per certification standards.

Customer Service Focus

In addition to expertise and access, Advanced Insulation Solutions also stands out for service – guiding clients through every step, addressing issues quickly, and ensuring 100% satisfaction.

Discover why so many brands trust only Advanced Insulation Solutions for fire resistant coating projects in the Denver area – call (720) 990-1332 today! Our fireproofing specialists will provide a comprehensive, obligation-free quote for bringing your commercial property up to the latest fire rating requirements.


Frequently Asked Fire Resistance Questions

Upgrading commercial spaces with fire resistant drywall coatings comes with many questions if you are undertaking it for the first time. Here we answer some of the common questions we hear from Denver business owners:
Most coatings provide rated fire resistance for the life of the building when properly applied and maintained. We use only rigorously tested, certified products from top brands that meet permanent application standards.
Our intumescent products are formulated specifically for application to drywall as well as masonry, concrete, steel columns and more to achieve targeted fire resistance ratings.
Many top brands now offer low VOC/environmentally-friendly intumescent formulas with third-party certifications for sustainable fireproofing. We source compliant green products whenever possible.

Pricing depends on square footage, rating level sought, product type, surface prep/repair needed, and other factors. We provide custom quotes outlining exact costs - call us at (720) 990-1332!

We assist with providing the necessary manufacturer documentation of product ratings used and also support working with your insurer or officials to supply other documentation verifying compliance.

Still have questions? Call (720) 990-1332 to speak with one of our Denver commercial fireproofing experts and get answers about the best coating options for your project!

Denver Fire Resistant Coating Services

Connect with Advanced Insulation Solutions at (720) 990-1332 to protect your Denver commercial investment with the highest quality fire resistant drywall coatings in the industry. We serve all of Denver and Denver with specialized expertise, top brands, and full-service rated fireproofing treatments that meet your unique needs while satisfying evolving insurance and code requirements.
Speak to one of our fire safety specialists today about getting a complimentary quote for upgrading your current drywall with our UL tested and certified intumescent or fire retardant coatings! We look forward to helping strengthen your fire protection.