Structural Steel Fireproofing

Structural Steel Fireproofing Services in Denver, CO

Advanced Insulation Solutions has over 10 years of expertise providing structural steel fireproofing services for commercial buildings across Denver, CO and the surrounding areas. As a leading provider of fire resistant coatings, we understand the immense risks inadequate fireproofing presents and the safety benefits our services provide. Contact us at (720) 990-1332 to discuss your structural steel fireproofing needs in Denver.

Overview of Our Denver, CO Structural Steel Fireproofing Services

Structural steel columns, beams, joists and decking make up the internal framework that supports your Denver commercial building. While steel offers immense load-bearing strength, it also carries the major risk of collapsing when subjected to prolonged fire exposure. Our fireproofing services protect the structural integrity of your Denver property’s steel framework in the event of a fire.

At Advanced Insulation Solutions, we have over a decade of expertise assessing Denver commercial structures and developing custom structural steel fireproofing solutions. Our NICET-certified technicians have undergone extensive training and certification for applying fire resistant coatings. When you choose us for your Denver steel fireproofing needs, you can rest assured your property meets all International Building Code (IBC) requirements for fire safety and prevention.

Fireproofing Materials Used on Denver Structural Steel

Our Denver commercial fireproofing services utilize the most advanced fire resistant coatings designed specifically to adhere to steel substrates when exposed to extreme heat:
Our expert technicians evaluate your specific Denver property and fireproofing requirements before recommending the optimal coating materials. All our coatings are rigorously tested and certified to provide exceptional fire resistance for structural steel.

Denver Building Areas Requiring Steel Fireproofing

Certain sections of your Denver commercial building’s internal frame are considered primary structural which means they are critical for preventing collapse in a fire event. These areas necessitate fire resistant coatings to preserve structural integrity:
While our coatings provide protection wherever applied, focusing on these areas ensures your Denver building’s structural stability during emergency fire conditions per code requirements.

Fire Safety Benefits of Structural Steel Fireproofing

Beyond meeting fire code regulations, proper application of commercial fireproofing yields immense safety benefits for your Denver property:

1. Prevents Steel Framework Collapse

The number one purpose of structural steel fireproofing is preventing the internal framework from melting and collapsing when exposed to high temperatures over 1000°F. Our coatings dissipate heat, slowing temperature transfer to the steel underneath to maintain stability.

2. Allows Safe Occupant Egress

Adequately fireproofed beams, joists and trusses remain intact longer during a fire event. This maintains floor stability providing occupants critical extra minutes to safely evacuate your Denver building per established safety plans.

3. Limits Fire Spread

Our commercial fireproofing products all limit flame spread by creating protective char layers and releasing water vapor to absorb heat energy when exposed to fire. Restricting fire growth allows occupants to exit while also enabling firefighters to contain the emergency.

4. Reduces Property Damage

Faster fire suppression and preventing runaway blaze growth greatly reduces fire damage to your Denver property. Fire will still leave smoke, ash and water damage – but intact structural steel prevents the whole building loss common when steel deforms. Minimal repairs are needed afterward to restore your property’s function.

For any Denver area commercial facility manager, preventing loss of life must be the top priority along with limiting property destruction from fire emergencies. Advanced Insulation Solutions’ structural steel fireproofing services in Denver provide this essential protection so you can rest assured your building offers maximum occupant safety.

Denver Commercial Fire Codes and Inspection Requirements

All Denver commercial structures must comply with City of Denver building codes which adopt the latest edition of the International Building Code (IBC) and International Fire Code (IFC). These I-Codes contain specific structural fireproofing regulations including:

Denver Fire Resistance Standards Based on Construction Type

The IBC dictates minimum ratings needed but higher levels are recommended for optimal Denver fire prevention.

Denver Fireproofing Inspection Requirements

Denver commercial fireproofing requires special inspector examination of installation under Section 1705 of the IBC including:
We partner with independent NICET-approved inspectors to ensure our Denver steel fireproofing applications meet all structural integrity standards.

Partnering with Advanced Insulation for Your Denver Commercial Fireproofing

Advanced Insulation Solutions has an unmatched track record applying proven structural steel fire protection across the Denver area. We are the trusted partner for commercial fireproofing services because we:

Offer Complete Inspection and Documentation

Along with high-quality coatings application, we oversee third party inspections to guarantee our work meets IBC standards. You receive full documentation showing code compliance.

Utilize Superior Fireproofing Materials

We only use top-performing commercial fire protection products from brands like Isolatek International and Carboline that demonstrate exceptional performance testing results.

Employ Expert NICET-Certified Fireproofing Technicians

Our team completes hands-on training, certification testing, and continuing education to perform steel fireproofing services to the highest industry standards.

Provide Reliable Local Project Management

An experienced Denver project manager will oversee your entire commercial fireproofing application and be available immediately if any issues arise.

Offer Fireproofing Repair Services if Ever Needed

We stand behind our steel fire protection with long warranties and remain ready for quick repairs if unexpected damage occurs compromising your coatings.

For superior structural steel fireproofing services from an established local provider known for safety, compliance, and reliability – call Advanced Insulation Solutions at (720) 990-1332 or contact us online to get started.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Denver Commercial Fireproofing Services

Our cementitious, intumescent and mineral fiber products deliver 1-4 hour fire resistance ratings when applied according to manufacturer specifications on steel substrates. We customize solutions to achieve your required rating.
The duration depends on your building's square footage but we typically complete application within 2 weeks. Larger commercial spaces may require 1 month with multiple crews working simultaneously for timely coating.
Exact pricing depends on product specified and the extent of steel requiring protection. Average range is $4-$9 per square foot but we provide competitive estimates tailored to your specific building.
Many of our topcoat options allow tinting to achieve custom color schemes. We can color match to your preferred hue. Textured finishes also hide imperfections.
Yes, our application workmanship is guaranteed for 2 years after completion. We also pass along 5-10 year material warranties from the major fireproofing brands we use.

Properly maintained commercial fireproofing coatings have indefinite lifespan exceeding 30+ years. We offer repair services to patch any damage that may compromise fire resistance over time.

For additional questions on Advanced Insulation Solutions' Denver structural steel fireproofing services, call (720) 990-1332 to speak with one of our commercial building safety experts. We look forward to helping ensure your property meets the highest standards for structural fire protection.