Intumescent Paint for Interiors

Intumescent Paint for Interiors in Denver, CO

Advanced Insulation Solutions has over 10 years of expertise providing intumescent paint coatings for fireproofing building interiors in Denver and surrounding areas. As leading experts in passive fire protection, we specify and apply the best intumescent paint products to suit your unique commercial or residential needs.

Fire Resistant Intumescent Paint Coatings

Intumescent paint is a specialized fire resistant coating that swells when exposed to heat, forming an insulating char barrier to slow heat and flame transfer. At Advanced Insulation Solutions, we have unmatched experience with all types of intumescent paints for interiors including:

Our intumescent paint contractors have the product knowledge to recommend the ideal fireproofing paint for your specific application and requirements.

Benefits of intumescent paint include:

Advanced Insulation Solutions will advise on all suitable intumescent interior coatings to provide code-compliant fire protection, while meeting your budget and performance needs.

Residential Intumescent Paint Services

We are the top choice among builders, architects, and homeowners for residential intumescent paint services in Denver, CO. Our fireproof paint contractors cater to:

New Construction

Remodeling Projects

For any residential construction or remodeling, Advanced Insulation Solutions will specify and install high quality intumescent coatings for interiors throughout your Denver area property including:

Restore Home After Fire Damage

We also specialize in applying fire retardant paint to repair homes damaged by fires throughout Adams County, Broomfield County, and nearby areas that need structural rehabilitation.

No matter what stage your residential project is in, trust Advanced Insulation Solutions as the leading name in intumescent paint services for interiors in Denver and surrounding region.

Why Choose Advanced Insulation Solutions?

When selecting an intumescent paint contractor in Denver, CO, it’s essential to choose a company with proven experience, expertise, and qualifications.

ICBO/ICC Certification

Our intumescent coatings applicators hold prestigious ICBO/ICC certification which requires demonstration of:

By choosing an ICBO certified intumescent painting contractor like Advanced Insulation Solutions, you can have confidence our teams will deliver the highest quality intumescent fireproofing services.

10+ Years Specializing Exclusively in Fireproofing

With over a decade solely dedicated to fire resistant coatings, Advanced Insulation Solutions offers unmatched expertise compared to traditional painting contractors. Our exclusive fireproofing focus includes:

When you select Advanced Insulation Solutions as your intumescent paint company in Denver, CO, you benefit from our industry-leading experience tailored to your precise project.

Single Source Responsibility

We also provide complete, turnkey intumescent coating services – not just product sales. Our all-inclusive approach means:

This convenient single source method ensures your intumescent coating project is smoothly executed from start to finish for code-compliant, high-performing fire protection.

For the best combination of expertise, experience, and end-to-end services – choose Advanced Insulation Solutions as your trusted provider of intumescent paint for interiors in Denver, Colorado.

Intumescent Paint Services We Provide

Our NICET certified teams specialize in complete intumescent paint applications to meet required fire ratings:

We carry extensive intumescent product inventory including industry top brands:

Our experts specify the ideal fireproofing paint for your individual requirements from our diverese product offerings.

Some specific intumescent coating services we provide include:

Architectural Applications

Structural Steel Fireproofing

Concealed Spaces/Crawl Spaces

And much more – talk to our intumescent coating specialists!

Why Intumescents Are Used

There are several reasons intumescent paint is an appealing passive fire protection choice:

Thin Film Coating

Unlike thick, heavy fireproofing like concrete, intumescent fire retardant coatings can be applied in thin films like paint to preserve aesthetics and space while still providing up to 2 hour fire resistance.

Conforms to Irregular Shapes

Intumescent paints easily conform to curved, angular, or uniquely shaped surfaces that other fireproofing methods can’t cover as effectively.

Lower Project Weight

Since intumescent fire resistant paints don’t add much thickness or weight, they don’t impact design loads/structural reinforcement needs as much as heavier materials.

Used On Many Materials

Quality intumescent products work equally well to fireproof wood, steel, electrical plastic, and more – making them very versatile.

Buffable Top Coats Available

Many quality intumescent interior paints can be buffed/polished allowing fire protection even on exposed, finished surfaces.

Talk to Advanced Insulation Solutions to learn more about the ideal intumescent applications for your next Denver area project! Call (720) 990-1332 today.

Application Process for Intumescent Paint

When you choose Advanced Insulation Solutions for your intumescent coating project, we follow rigorous application standards for high-performance protection:

1. Surface Preparation

Proper preparation ensures adhesion between the intumescent base coat and substrate:

2. Required Primer Coat

Quality intumescent paints require compatible primer to interact properly when exposed to high heat. Our teams will apply the primer coat required by the product manufacturer.

3. Intumescent Base Coating

We utilize airless spray equipment to achieve thicknesses matching UL/ULC fire test standards. This ensures real-world performance equals ratings.

4. Top Coating (Optional)

For exposed steel requiring aesthetic finish, we apply durable polyurethane top coats in the sheen you desire. These also protect the base intumescent from physical damage.

5. Wet Film Thickness Measurements

Using wet film gauge tools, we frequently measure coating thickness during application to verify wet film matches target dry thickness. This prevents over or under-application.

6. Dry Film Thickness Verification

We re-measure coating thickness once fully cured using ultrasonic dry film thickness gauges to check it meets protective standards before turning over.

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Intumescent Paint Costs

Intumescent coating pricing depends on several variables:

Typical cost range is $4 – $8 per square foot depending on above factors.

Key benefits making intumescent paint very cost-effective include:

Book a free quote today by calling (720) 990-1332 to learn exact costs for your unique intumescent paint project in Denver, CO.

Professional Assistance Determines Needs

With so many choices today, it becomes very difficult for architects and builders to select the best possible fire protection for their projects.

That’s why Advanced Insulation Solutions offers free fireproofing consultations aimed at simplifying this decision process.

During a detailed discussion, we help Building Professionals analyze important issues to identify your specific fireproofing requirements which might include:

Utilizing our extensive experience, we provide recommendations which provide world-class protection while avoiding common pitfalls causing functional or budget problems down the road.

We invite Architects, Building Professionals and Property Owners to take advantage of this free service focused entirely upon selecting the optimal fire protection solution for your upcoming construction or renovation project.

Get a Free Quote for Intumescent Paint Services

For top quality intumescent paint applications in Denver, CO and surrounding areas, choose Advanced Insulation Solutions. As the leading passive fire protection contractor, we provide:

✔ NICET certified crews ✔ 10+ years fireproofing exclusively ✔ Turnkey services ✔ Specialized equipment ✔ Code-compliant results

Contact us at (720) 990-1332 for your free quote! Our pricing is very competitive and we are happy to furnish itemized breakouts if required for your records or insurer.